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2019: Why Nigerian may cease to exist – Junaid Muhammed

Junaid Muhammed, Second Republic lawmaker, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against rigging the 2019 Presidential election.

Muhammed, a Northerner and fierce critic of the Buhari’s government warned that rigging the 2019 election will lead to violence.

Speaking with The Sun, the former lawmaker maintained that failure to ensure free and fair election in 2019, “There may not be Nigeria again.”

Muhammadu said, “If they want to rig the election and, of course, they have the wherewithal, the means of violence, the armed forces, the police, the para-military and they want to rig the election, I want to assure you if they rig this election there may not be Nigeria again.”

Commenting on claims of Cabals in the current government, Muhammed said, “Yes, it is one of the main problems because there is no person who can govern by himself alone. So, yes if you blame a man you must also blame his coterie of advisers or mis-advisers around him, most of whom are ignorant, most of whom are not there on merit either as politicians, technocrats or professionals.

“They don’t know what they are talking about. So, my experience is that one, to Buhari what matters most is that people he put in certain positions must be his relations, his in-laws, blood relations and also most importantly be members of his inner circle.

“So, this idea of nepotism; this idea of prebendalism; this idea of giving a man an appointment only because you know him and he is your friend is something I find terribly objectionable. This is the worst government in the history of Nigeria that I know of since 1914 to date.”

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