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Actress, Bose Alao apologize to her husband for putting news of their troubled marriage on social media

A week ago, Nollywood actress Bose Alao called out her footballer husband, Rasak Omotoyosi for domestic violence saying their 10 year marriage has been a scam and she’s running for her dear life.

Yesterday, she was back on Instagram apologising for washing their dirty linen in public saying, ‘you have been a wonderful husband and a proud father, is just sad we both can’t manage our anger’.

Her post reads:

I will be deceiving myself to say nothing happened or pretend I didn’t see all published between my husband and I, it has become so overwhelming that I do not know how to handle it anymore, but to start with,everything I read on Instagram was not posted by me or meant for the gram .no.

If u follow my husband and I you will know we ain’t friends on Instagram for a long time,my WhatsApp is the only place we have each other which was the reason I showed and expressed my hurt on WhatsApp so he could see it, the violence is on both side which is the reason we need therapy and now undergoing because there is no justification to DV.

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