Balarabe Musa speaks on presidential ambition, 2019 election

Balarabe Musa speaks on presidential ambition, 2019 election

Elder statesman and former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has spoken on his reported intention to run for 2019 presidential election.

The elder statesman speaking with Independent said he had no ambition to contest in 2019 under his party, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) owing to his age.

He said “No, I have no ambition to contest the presidential election. I am now 82, and I am preparing to hand over before the 2019 election.

“I will have to hand over the party to a new and pragmatic leadership but I will make sure that I do not handover the party in disarray, I must make sure that the party stands a better chance of growth and advancement.

“We are not concerned with zoning the presidential ticket to the north just like PDP and APC. In fact, our concern is that the most capable Nigerian should fill that position.

“We are appealing to all sections of Nigeria to organise and make sure that a competent person leads the country as the President of Nigeria in 2019; it will be good for everybody whoever you are in Nigeria.”

He said the major political parties, PDP and APC had failed Nigerians.

“The PDP and APC have failed Nigerians. I do agree with such opinion, the evidence is quite clear that is why we have the negative state of the nation now. Normally, we are supposed to be the sixth in the list of most advanced countries in the world by now because of the tremendous resources that we have; only a few countries are endowed with such kind of resources but such nations are now far more developed.

“In Nigeria, we have virtually everything but we have damaged everything, as a result, we are what we are now. Most of the political parties are opportunists, their parties are not based on ideology but the ideology of the PRP is very clear.

“Come 2019, Nigerians should by all means make sure that there is free, fair and transparent election leading to a legitimate government. It is very difficult but we have to do it because that is the only way we can have a nation that worth the name and we must make sure that free, fair and legitimate election leading to a legitimate government continues even after 2019.

“We have to also make sure that the state plays a leading role in the economy to ensure, equal opportunity, peace, justice, democracy, transparent and equal development of the country,” he said.

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