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Boko Haram: Group shutdown UNICEF over alleged sex reports in IDP camps

A group, the Coalition for Peace in Nigeria, CFPN, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to sanction leadership of the United Nations International Children’s Fund, UNICEF.

The group, in a statement issued to DAILY POST on Friday during a protest in Abuja alleged that there were suspicious plots by UNICEF to embolden and promote terrorism in the country.

CFPN wondered why a reputable organization like UNICEF would allow some of its staff to enlist in the club of undercover agents of foreign forces against Nigeria, in disguised support for terrorism.

UNICEF had alleged recently that the Nigerian military has raped over 20 girls in IDP Camps in Borno State. 

The development forced the Nigerian Army to declare three persons working for the agency persona non grata in the North East, Nigeria. The persons include Priscillia Hoveyda, Maher Farea and Milen Kidane.

CFPN during the protest lamented the alleged attempts by some international organizations to destabilize, polarize and divide Nigeria.

The National Convener of the CFPN, Comrade Danesi Momoh, who spoke on behalf of the group during the protest, slammed the current leadership of UNICEF from deviating from the vision of its founding fathers.

Momoh said, “We are aware of the many attempts by some international organizations that have rendered themselves to do some disgusting undercover jobs for foreign forces which have sworn to destabilize, polarize and divide Nigeria.

“It is no secret that such organizations are laying the template for the country’s total breakup through terrorism by often manufacturing and fabricating outright falsehoods, timed to rhyme with the periods the Nigerian military is breaking grounds in the war against terror, particularly in the Northeast.

“However, what never occurred to us is the possibility that a reputable organization like UNICEF would allow some of its staff to enlist in the club of undercover agents of foreign forces against Nigeria, in disguised support for terrorism.

“Of course, you are aware of the latest sensational report cooked by three staff of UNICEF, namely; Priscilla Hoveyda, Maher Farea and Milen Kidane, who are working in the Northeast. The trio conspiratorially released a report alleging Nigerian troops raped 20 girls in IDP camps in Borno state.

“This transparently condemnable, false and malicious report against Nigerian troops, yawningly betrayed the satanic motives of the crafters or originators. And we believe it is intended to denigrate the Nigerian military, project a bad image about Nigeria before the comity of nations and dampen the morale of troops on the warfront against terrorists and nothing more. We know these paid agents have designed the report to undermine the fighting spirit of troops, to enable remnants of terrorists regain lost grounds to the pleasure of the sponsors.

“Furthermore, the timing of this fictional and imaginary report is to halt or frustrate the sale of Tucano jets to Nigeria, at a time the Nigerian Government has reached advanced stages in actions over the contract with the United States Government for the purchase of 10 Tucano jets to assist the military battle terrorism in the country.

“The report from the UNICEF staff has understandably provoked outrage from Nigerians, especially the coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) who have demanded a retraction and an apology from UNICEF to the Nigerian military and the Government of Nigeria.

“We are amazed that UNICEF has forgotten its main briefs in the Northeast. The organization has declined from responding to the humanitarian crisis and needs as it affects children in IDP camps. It has fortuitously become an alarmist and a pillar of covert support of sponsors and agents of terrorists tormenting our country. It is inexplicable to think that after abandoning their noble mandates, they would rather prefer to serve as ransom negotiator and cover for Boko Haram terrorists.

“We wish to remind the apparently compromised UNICEF staff that in the not too distant past, the same organization commended the Nigerian military for its perfect professional outings, especially in the Northeast.

“We recall that in February 2017, this positive recommendation came from UNICEF’s Country Representative, Mr. Mohammed Fall when he visited the Acting General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division of Nigerian Army in Maiduguri, Brig.-Gen. Victor Ezugwu.

“Mr. Fall specifically said, “Thank you for protecting civilians and by extension protecting children which is part and parcel of our mandate.’’ It is the same military some odious staff of UNICEF are attempting to denigrate and defame now with a mischievous and fake report.

“Like other CSOs have separately and jointly emphasized, we lend our voice to this cause. We demand for the immediate withdrawal of that report on our military as it contains nothing, other than baseless lies, fabrications, and unfounded or insane outbursts crafted to sabotage the ongoing war on terror in the country.

“UNICEF and the staff fingered in this aberration have 21 days ultimatum to retract the repulsive report. Any thought of disregarding this ultimatum by refusal to issue a corresponding rebuttal of the infamous report within the stipulated time frame, we shall have no option than to return to permanently occupy UNICEF office in Abuja, until they are forced to vacate Nigeria.

“No Nigerian is ready to tolerate any attempt by any individual or organization to prolong the pains and agony of innocent children and women in the hands of Boko Haram even for one extra day. The gains on the war on terrorism cannot be reversed either, with such grand plots and conspiracies against the Nigerian military.

“We want to make it abundantly clear that the Nigerian military is a cherished asset of the Nigerian people. And no person or organization would be allowed to consciously destroy it. And the coalition shall not and will never accommodate or take for granted, any action that is targeted at undermining the institution, as it has become obvious now. Let UNICEF be warned about the dire repercussions of ignoring the remedial actions emphasized in this speech.”

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