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Buhari admits Nigeria facing challenges

President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted that Nigerians have been facing serious challenges since he took over power in 2015.

He, however, boasted that he came into power with the promise to bring change to the nation and that the change he would continue to deliver despite distractions.

He made this statement on Tuesday in a nationwide broadcast to mark the nation’s democracy day.

The president restated his commitment to the safety and security of the nation, which he claimed are the primary duty of this Government.

He said, “This administration came at a time that Nigerians needed change, the change we promised and the change we continue to deliver. We have faced a lot of challenges on this journey and Nigerians have stood by us in achieving the three cardinal points of this administration namely; Security, Corruption and the Economy.

“The commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day is a celebration of freedom, a salute to the resilience and determination of Nigerians and a recommitment by Government to keep its promise to lead Nigeria into a new era of justice and prosperity.

“Public safety and security remains the primary duty of this Government. Before this Administration came into being 3 years ago, Boko Haram held large areas of land spanning several Local Governments in the North East.”

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