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Cee-C’s emotional tribute to her sister

Cynthia Nwadiora has shared a stunning, yet beautiful photo with her sister, while not forgetting to pay her a loving tribute, for standing by her.

Here’s what she wrote;

“Hello loves, forgive me for being scarce lately; I decided to take a little break off social media to just reflect, relax and spend time with family. 2018 was life changing for me, it came with many highs and lows, wins and losses but it was all worth it.”

“It was all worth it because it came with a force, piloted by the most amazing woman I know @lusciousbella.”

“All my life, My sister together with the rest of my family has always watched over me but this past year she recruited thousands more for my sake, she fought tooth and nail and protected me at all costs even when i didnt deserve it.”

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