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I cannot go outside because children are afraid of me. They call me ‘monster’

A father suffering from a genetic condition has hundreds of bubble-like tumours covering his entire body. the 47- year old Shadot Hossain is believed to be suffering from neurofibromatosis – which cause non-cancerous lumps to crop up.

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But he is in a race against time to secure surgery which will remove the tumours, saving his eyesight.

Without an operation to slice away the growths, the 47-year-old could permanently lose his vision.

Covering the entire length of his body, the tumours are so severe he cannot wear clothing on his top half and struggles to feed himself.

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And his extreme appearance means even his own 12-year-old son, Abdullah, shies away from looking at him.

The father-of-three, who lives in Shajadpur, Bangladesh, said: ‘It is very difficult to live with pain like this.

‘I also suffer a lot with itching on the body and the neck. My body feels heavy.’

‘The moment anyone sees me they try to move away from me. The kids when they see me they just freak out and start running.’

He added: ‘I cannot go outside because children are afraid of me. They call me “monster”. I wasn’t always in this condition. I was handsome in my young age.

‘Nowadays Abdullah doesn’t talk to me. I understand why he feels like that. I can’t do anything for my son or family.

‘I feel very bad, at night I don’t sleep because I feel afraid.’ He said

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