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Chivita’s ‘C’mon Get Active’ campaign: All you need to know

Join the trend, kick-start an active lifestyle, and keep it moving.

Being active and fit has so many health benefits, but isn’t it bizarre how we know something is really good for us, but yet we avoid it? Creating a new lifestyle could sometimes be difficult to start and stay consistent, but the trick is to start small and to try different things that you might enjoy doing.

Nowadays, we see people putting in work to keep fit and also developing lifestyle habits like jogging early in the morning before work and doing a few press ups before taking a shower; riding a bicycle around town; taking the stairs instead of the elevator; parking farther away at the parking lot; basically anything to haul in a basic work out into their daily routine. The plot twist is; you can do it too.

Get on that active train with Chivita this season as Chivita Active introduces a brand new campaign tagged #C’monGetActive which showcases a series of awesome lifestyle choices and interesting activities. This season, Chivita Active will be giving out mind-blowing prizes amongst other things, so watch out because you never can tell who you will catch up with while getting active during this campaign. It could be your favorite actress, a popular artiste or that footballer you love.

Keep your ears to the ground as we have something big coming, awesome surprises to sweep you off your feet, and so much more. Stay tuned up until the launch of the promo by June 4th, 2018, and be sure to actively await our big release. In the spirit of this campaign, may the coolest and most active contestants win! What are you waiting for? C’mon get active! #CmonGetActive.


Twitter: @Chivita_Active

Instagram: Chivita_active

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