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Christians not safe unless herdsmen are disarmed – Anglican Primate, Okoh

The Primate Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most. Rev. Nicholas Okoh, has said that killing of Christians by armed herdsmen will not abate unless they were first disarmed and exposed.

He said this in his solidarity speech during the “Life is Sacred” protests by Catholics in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said: “Government is a social contract between the politicians and the people. The people give up some of their rights in obedience to the laws of the land while the politicians who form the government protect the entire citizenry not a section of the population.

“Mr. President, must fish out these killer-herdsmen, and disarm them. As long as they have not been disarmed and exposed, Christians are not yet safe. Until that is done, there is no hope yet.

“The killings are a form of psychological warfare foisted on the church, a weak attempt to intimidate the Christians into taking the back seat in the affairs of the nation.”

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