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How church leaders could be contributing to one of Nigeria’s major problem

Rev. Father Louis Nwabueze Ezeilo of Catholic Diocese of Awka. has urged religious institutions to stop contributing to the problem.

Father Ezeilot called on these bodies and “so-called men of God to stop institutionalizing poverty by making people stay in church for 24 hours, thereby encouraging laziness in the name of working for God.”

This plea/reprimand was made at the launch of his book entitled “Who is poor and why? Conceptual Pluralism

Approach to Poverty in Nigeria,” at Holy Family Catholic Church, Festac, Lagos.

Before we start attacking the man, let us settle down and really look at what he is saying.

We can not deny that churches have formed the habit of having programs and revivals during the work hours.

Does anyone stop to think about what happens to their business and jobs when the congregants leave to attend these programs? About how this affects and reduces productivity?

The World Bank has reported that Nigeria has one of the world’s highest economic growth rates, averaging 7.4 percent and poverty rate at 33.1 percent.

Yet we are one of the most religious group of people anyone will ever meet. We fill up the churches every day of week if necessary but nothing is changing.

People are still poor while their ministers are buying private jets, cars and others every other couple of months.

Religious leaders definitely need to more to alleviate the poverty rate. If they don’t, then, they are clearly contributing to the terrible situation.

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