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Dammykrane Not Yet Discharged And Acquitted Of Fraud Case In The US

Friends of crooner Dammykrane almost brought down the Internet a few days ago with the news that he had been discharged and acquitted of the fraud case heaped on his head in the US.

They say he is now a free man and whilst his fans are waiting for him to return home to Nigeria,another shocked has sprung up its ugly head.

It is allegedly not yet Uhuru for him, if a statement obtained from Tapjets, the company he allegedly defrauded, is anything to go by. .

A statement obtained from Mr. Konstantin, Tapjets’ Head of flight safety and security, reads: “There is a 180-day delay in bringing full charges. Information from our attorney indicated that his accomplice, Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, is giving police full cooperation.

This was why they asked for 180 days to bring big charges. So he is not free. Court record says “no action” it does not say “not guilty.