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Democracy Day: Buhari’s speech shows president is static, retrogressive – Group

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace and Harmony in Africa Initiative (ADAPHAI) has carpeted President Muhammadu Buhari over his Democracy Day ‘s speech, where he described Nigerian democracy as being ‘nascent’.

The National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Sulaimon Suberu, in a press statement made available to Daily Post on Tuesday opined that for the president to describe Nigerian democracy as ‘nascent’ after 19 years showed that he is passive and ignorant of democratic progression, and as such, he is retrogressive and static.

Suberu stressed that Buhari’s assertion perfectly confirmed his thoughts and orientation on national growth and development, which according to him have been “abysmally slow” with adverse socioeconomic effect.

He argued that the practice of democracy for almost two decades has changed the status of democracy in Nigeria from being nascent to more entrenched phenomenon, and to the path of maturity.

The Peace Advocate explained that the president should be the vigilant force with high degree of sensitivity and consciousness to gauge the development of adopted political system of his country.

“It is indeed unfortunate that despite the enviable progress and advancement Nigeria has made in sensitive and important democratic ingredients like :Electoral system, Judiciary, and even legislature, Mr Buhari still sees our democracy as being nascent.

“Can anyone equate our electoral system of today with that of the first dispensation of 4th Republic where elections were characterised with unabated irregularities and monumental fraud with impunity, I mean between 1999 and 2007.

“The judiciary had gone through a thorough transformation from being a mere backing dog to a striking force of sort, with serious reforms to get rid of bad eggs.

“Compliance to court judgements is no more a matter of choice but a bidding force on every citizenry irrespective of status.

“Without mincing words, the Nigerian parliament of the first dispensation of the first republic, where it was the executive that determined who constitutes the leadership of the legislature has changed for better, giving imprint of independence to that hallow chamber.

“Despite all these feats, our democratic experience still appears to Buhari as just the beginning with no iota of progress?

“Obviously, that pattern of reasoning by a chief executive of a nation is not only strange and bizarre, but completely absurd.

“I am convinced that Nigerian leadership is in need of better cognitive display, with requisite sensitivity and responsiveness that guarantee national narrative of hope”, Suberu said.

The group, however, charged the presidency to be more transparent and open in the usage of trillions of naira claimed to have recovered through it’s different anti-corruption crusade, saying fighting corruption goes beyond reeling out figures without corresponding clarity of its usage.

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