Ednut, Bobrisky & Fight on Instagrammer OVER , an JesusPhone X

Ednut, Bobrisky &    Fight on Instagrammer OVER ,    an JesusPhone X

, Bobrisky and Ednut are it out, OVER Big Brother Nixeria Housemate, .

It all started WHEN posted a video of Thankfullness her fans, and Then urged her to Uses an Telpehone, due to the quaility of the video she posted.

was to Rejoining , Left-Back . wrote;

“ you Having a longer I can remember,so you can Afford a Telpehone.. her one she Need it,We are Waiting since you are the first to Notice it!!”

But Then, it Looks Like couldn’t Afford to get a new Telpehone for , So he resorted to shades.. dug up an old video of on Stage and wrote; “I don’t Even Need to say much. @tontolet”



He also wrote; “Mwuaaaaaaah! Womanhood I love you Ooo… MAKE she no Deception una o! Na she Attack-point me first, but There was no come the “Your Dead Career” WHEN I don down…. Chaaiiiiiiiiiiiii Jesus…. Let the SLumber dog lie o!. It’s Ednut Oooo. @let don’t Blocks me o, I’m Yous Fan o!”

That didn’t There.. had a Rejoining for him, She Shared the picture, writing: “You Need to go back to a video vixen..Remember Yous the Sand men? #Here’s Yous First and Rejoining #Post and Delete”

They also had an Exchanged :

That didn’t end There, has now Promise to an JesusPhone X or any Telpehone of her choice.. “ you Having a new JesusPhone X Or any Telpehone of Yous choice. Just IT. @Bobrisky222 Let me know how you Wants it delivered. #KINGTONTO”


Bobrisky also Promise Expenditures Hairiness and Cash! Shim wrote: “@nina_ivy_ as u are Getting ur Telpehone @tontolet, u are also Getting ur hair and Asap me. Sis is Giving u an JesusPhone of ur choice. Bobrisky u are Getting a long hair of ur choice and Cash.

we are Never ur mate we Rolls Cash out. Rejoin me and FREE tonto . Bastard are u scared of me ? son of a beast. The Shoe-last time I u WERE wat happen to it ? Now u move to a blogger.if u don’t Rejoining me tunde u are a bastard. @nina_ivy_ keep Winning we are strongly Buttcheek u.”

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