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EPL: Arsenal’s Koscielny ruled out of Russia 2018 World Cup

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has disclosed that the club captain, Laurent Koscielny is devastated for missing out on this year’s World Cup finals after undergoing surgery on a ruptured Achilles tendon. Koscielny is set to be sidelined for six months, according to Wenger, bringing a sad end to his international career as he had planned […]

EPL: Arsenal’s Koscielny ruled out of Russia 2018 World Cup

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Inspector general of Police Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, you are at least trying in a do nothing country as a leader. You have removed roadblocks in an attempt to reduce corruption in the force. I applaud you as your change in uniform appears to be another effort to transform the image of the force. I hope you will also institute extensive training to reorient their thinking and educate our officers on their roles as protectors of Nigerians and part of the law enforcement apparatus of the judiciary. Please keep the transformation  going as it is great to see a Nigerian leader at least trying. I wish you the best and more success as Rome was not built in a day!.

This is how our government barks up the wrong tree . The problem with policing in Nigeria is not and has never been what uniforms they wear; it has and will continue to be the fact that policing has remained a federal responsibility . The police forces should be run from a municipal/community policing perspective on the one hand, supported by a state police department . Police officers ought to be share-holders in the communities they police and accountable to those communities . You cannot expect an officer transferred from Oron to Okitikpukpa to have any vested interest in the safety of the people he or she is supposed to protect . He/she has no family or any investment there to protect and as such, has absolutely no reason to implement any laws as they are meant to be done . The primary interest will continue to be the collection of as much bribe as possible with the hope that they will be transferred elsewhere soon . Our so-called leaders are wasting our time and resources while they line up their pockets by making superficial changes that cannot bring about any positive change in our communities .
      You may use the example of our school system. Public schools are not cared for because our so-called leaders are not able to make money from those institutions . Their children do not attend those schools and so, they could care less of what conditions they are in .

Policing in Nigeria, must be revamped and restructured so that we may have peace amongst us . The vigilantees in most rural areas are the gate-keepers of peace because, in most cases, they are able to ward off armed robbers ( members of the alleged Nigerian Police Force in most cases ) . We need to take back our own security and that means to vehemently demand for a drastic change within our policing policies .

Why would Nigeria’s police uniform be army unifor used all over the world? I don’t get it..

This is not what we expect at this point in time. Remember the Nigerian army introduced their new uniform few years ago. and one of their reason is during this democratic setting using camouflage normally send shivers into the spines of civilians. So what will be said of the police who are supposed to be closer to us in Camouflage uniform.

Secondly, I believe if the police welfare is taken care of properly and good terms of service is given to them we will get more from them than changing of uniform. This is just another way of enriching somebody….(the contractor. only God knows who he is).

 Dear IG, every discerning mind can concur with the poor, public-hostile nature of the appearance of our police men and women. Uniforms, above all, are always unkept and shabby. But we all know that that is in the least, the cause of the undignified state of  the force in Nigeria. there cannot be a trustworthy, functional force if the force members themselves have to live on survival basis. No country in the world with a reputable police force, does not guarrantee the well-being of the force members and their families. Some, being a force members, ensures the accomodation, education, allowances and pensions of the whole family member. it is either a naive assesment or misplacement of priority case if there is no motivation from the goverment to the force and yet, these men and women are expected to give up their lives in the execution of the law and protection of the innocent citizens. They are, in a very banal expression, very hungry men and women. extorting people on the road, killing some if they had to just for the money, no functioning vehicle, nothing ot stir them in the positive direction. Do we really think that uniform is our problem now?  Like seriously? How much is the contract worth? why not invest it in their a motivation project for them? how about that dear IG? Let us stop chasing the effects and claiming we are solving anything. Tackle the cause and the effects will cease?
Well, that is my opinion. would be the greatest surprise of the century and a real sign of the propaganda for hope we hear, if this could be hearkened to. But in our typical Nigeria, is our opinion really going to count or ist just to fulfill all righteousness? Have they not already implemented this contract, whatever it is going to cost?

the uniform is fine at least they will stop being called eke(black snake) because of their black uniform( which they hardly wash)!

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