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Fani-Kayode reveals how Buhari allegedly lied to Trump

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, on Tuesday lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for saying herdsmen in Nigeria don’t carry AK-47.

Buhari, who made the declaration during a meeting with his counterpart from the United States, US, President Donald Trump, insisted that herdsmen only wield sticks and occasionally machetes.

He had said, “The problem of herders in Nigeria is a very long historical thing. The Nigerian herders don’t carry anything more than a stick and occasionally a matchet to cut down foliage and give it to their animals, these ones are carrying AK-47.

“So, people should not underrate what happened in Libya. 43 years of Ghaddaffi, people were recruited from Sahel and trained to shoot and kill. With the demise of Ghaddaffi they moved to other countries and region and carried the experience with them.”

However, Fani-Kayode, in his reaction described Buhari’s remark as a “lie.”

In a tweet, he wrote: “Herdsmen don’t carry AK 47’s.They only use sticks” @MBuhari to @realDonaldTrump


“We’ve had serious problems with Christians being murdered in Nigeria. We’re going to work on that problem because we can’t allow that to happen”[email protected] to @MBuhari


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