FG advises Nigerian media on how to report govt activities, reiterates commitment to press freedom

FG advises Nigerian media on how to report govt activities, reiterates commitment to press freedom

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has appealed to the media to always ensure fairness, impartiality, truth and accuracy in reporting the activities of government, in line with the principles of responsible journalism.

The Minister made the appeal in Abuja on Thursday, in a statement to mark the 2018 World Press Freedom Day with the theme “Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law.”

The Statement was signed and made available to DAILY POST by the Minister’s Senior Assistant on Media, Segun Adeyemi.

Mohammed said that as an important pillar of democracy, the media must purge itself of all prejudice in order to be able to hold all the levels and arms of government to account.

While commending the media for its role so far in promoting democracy in Nigeria, Alhaji Mohammed said the media should strive to operate above political influence and interference.

He said as the political parties and the nation in general prepare for another electioneering process, the media must ensure the transparency of the entire political process through unbiased and objective reporting.

The Minister expressed concern at how some vested political interests are exploring the media to promote divisions along ethnic and religious lines in the country, saying such unpatriotic conduct will not augur well for the nation’s unity and progress.

He said the government was not unaware of the effort of mischief makers to use the social media, in particular, to undermine the government and promote ethno-religious crisis, especially ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

Alhaji Mohammed, however, restated the commitment of the present administration to press freedom in the country, saying the administration would continue to ensure that journalists are able to carry out their duties unfettered.

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Another post this time from Lagbaja;

Lagbaja Responds To Okey Ndibe On “Mumudom”.
By Lágbájá.

Dear Okey Ndibe: Thank you for sounding the alarm in a way that should make us reflect deeper. Mumu is not a condition I proudly proclaim. It was with a heavy heart that I came to this shocking realization that we are indeed a country of mumus. Harsh as it might sound, no other explanation would suffice. It is apparent that the “leaders” know that they would always get away with whatever incredible schemes they concoct because, amongst other reasons,

(a) the mumu people they “lead” are no different from their mumu “leaders” in character

(b) the mumu people are gullible, superstitious and naive

(c) there are no consequences for criminal acts if you belong to the right group

(d) these mumus never demand accountability from their “leaders”

(e) the mumus expect their rulers to loot or would otherwise consider them foolish

Apologies for the seeming overgeneralization but the vast majority runs with this mumu mindset.

There is a limit to how much one can squeeze into a song before sounding less music than sermon. Please permit me to expatiate using your perimeter of “recent events in the past week or two”.

For simplicity I would use a numbered list to analyze and highlight a few seemingly disparate but absurd mumurity examples and indicators.

1. 5 members trying to impeach a governor would make you think there are probably only 6 or 7 members of the House of Assembly. According to the assembly’s website there are 31 members. For mumus, 5 out 31 constitutes a majority.

2. In the land of mumus you can make your own mace and confer it with automatic authority, elect a “new Speaker” and swear him in.

3. No single hospital in Nigeria to entrust the unfortunately injured member with. He had to be flown to the UK.

4. Flown abroad … likely on tax payers’ account

5. Treated … likely on tax payers’ account

6. Visited by officials… likely on tax payers’ account (business or first class tickets?)

7. Nyesom Wike the Minister of State who led the visit was until recently the Governor’s (Amaechi’s) Chief of Staff. He was allegedly nominated for the Ministerial position by Governor Amaechi.

8. Shouldn’t the mumus wonder how Nyesom Wike as Minister of State for Education found the time for this all important trip while abandoning his post in spite of the raging crisis in his ministry with the Academic staff union of Nigerian universities currently on strike? Well the mumu staff and students can rot in hell I guess.

9. Madam Patience would probably have “visited” too, if not for the noise such would generate. So for now, the victim suffers alone.

10. The erstwhile pontificating police boss of the State could not find the patient’s prominent attacker for over a week.

11. Madam Patience having first denied any involvement in the crisis while verbally attacking Soyinka, eventually owns up “pouring out her grievances”.

12. She owns up to a group of visiting Bishops who came on a peace making mission to find a lasting solution to the crisis in their region. Religion is always an easy scapegoat and tool of deception in mumudom.

13. Why would you even think that the Bishops would go back empty handed? Any “transport fare/thank-you-for-coming”, if received, would have likely been financed on tax payers’ account.

14. And why are we ranting about “tax payers”? Why are the tax payers not furious over the incessant misappropriation and misapplication of their hard earned contributions? The answer lies in the question… Aside from PAYE, how many are compliant in mumudom?

15. First a set of 5 Governors and 3 Deputy Governors (representing their respective Governors), left their duty posts for a solidarity visit with the embattled Governor of Rivers State… of course to the detriment of tax payers. (a) They were not on leave, but left urgent work and duties behind for the “emergency” solidarity visit. (b) Flight to and fro Port Harcourt of course likely on tax payers’ account.

16. They were closely followed by a second set of 4 commiserating sympathetic Governors. Of course, again likely on tax payers’ account.

17. Madam Patience’s grievance, as she divulged to the visiting Bishops, started when Governor Amaechi refused to be governed by her, as he would not listen to her veiled orders on how to govern the State… which incidentally is her primary territory being her State of origin. Mumus have no problem with that, fully being in harmony with her as she sings as first lady in Abuja while simultaneously dancing in absentia as Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa and conducting the orchestra in home state, Rivers.

18. Madam ends her confession to the Bishops by saying that Amaechi is her son as she is obviously the mother of everyone in mumudom. The question all mumus should ask is, “Would a good mother promote the demise of her child?”

19. Where was her outraged sense of motherhood when Senators were busy voting to turn mumudom into a Nation of pedophiliacs at the expense of her innocent “daughters”?

20. Where was her outraged sense of “mother of the Nation” when the video of 5 gang rapists went viral. Has she used that “mother of the Nation” power to find the culprits? Not a priority in mumudom.

21. Where was her outraged “motherhood of mumudom” when 46 school children were murdered in Yobe? Indeed the whole Nation of mumus have just gone on with their more important mumu lives like nothing happened.

22. Which brings us to the insane mumurity that gives the “leaders” confidence to try pranks such as the attempt at crafting the under age marriage law, knowing that with the mumus… “nothing go happen”

23. In the land of mumus, the rulers know they can always throw in the religious card, so Senator Yerima leads the child slavery onslaught with the religious chant.

24. While all this was going on, 79 year old OPC founder, Dr. Fasheun was, in his own description, “delivering” Mustapha to Kano.

25. Soon after, Gumsu Sani Abacha had the courage to rant on social media about her proud heritage… because with the mumus who his father savagely ruled over… nothing go happen.

26. Gumsu even called Soyinka who was a victim of her beloved dad’s misrule, “Mad empty Professor” … because in mumudom, “nothing go happen”.

27. Final scores… Jang 13, Amaechi 19, but in the land of mumus Mathematics has a different interpretation for 13 is greater than 19. Even the President of the mumus ratifies that.

28. By the way, both Governors Jang and Amaechi are from the same imploding political party.

29. Jang says he is old enough to be Amaechi’s father… a common escape route that is often quickly bought by the mumu populace. Old enough to be the President’s pawn and to upturn justice might be more like it. Only possible when you know for sure that your people are mumus… Nothing go happen.

30. The Governor is supposed to be the chief security officer of his State, but apparently in mumudom, his Police Commissioner is his boss.

31. The Governor’s security staff could be so easily withdrawn because nothing is institutionalized in a Nation of mumus. The loyalty of the security personnel is not based on the constitution but on personal or maternal affiliations. The mumus keep watching because “it does not concern me o”… “Big men and women are fighting”. Same way the injustice of the Nation’s attorney general’s assassination does not concern them.

32. Most reports in the Nigerian media kept referring to the self appointed Speaker as if he were truly the substantive Speaker. A mere use of “self-acclaimed” would have been logical, but they were already calling him the Speaker because… ignorance? inducement? resignation to the belief that the 5 vs 26 Assembly coup was already a done deal?

33. While all this drama unfolded, Nigeria, like the proverbial head-burying ostrich felt it had the moral right to insist on democratic processes in Egypt.

34. Sahara Reporters had screamed about the underhand conspiracy to proclaim Mustapha “not guilty”. Mumus simply went about their daily mumurity unperturbed because “it doesn’t concern them”. And when it happened as predicted… no problem. Mumus continue dem jolly as if nothing happened.

35. Meanwhile, Daniel and his political supporters carried their politics into the house of God at Rueben Abati’s mother’s funeral service… simply because there is no true reverence for God. Religion is a safe hiding cave. The mumus in the congregation would never protest such sacrilege because… “it is not strange” as the houses of God are now also political grounds. Obasanjo built one in Abeokuta. Jonathan got one built in Otuoke.

36. Meanwhile, some other mumus were again busy putting the Nation to international shame. In unprecedented match fixing fiascos, Police Machine beat Bubayaro 67-0 while Plateau United Feeders beat Akurba FC 79-0. Just in case you are confused, the game was soccer, not basketball.

37. The matches were to determine which one of the two tied teams would be promoted into… wait for this… just the 3rd division of the Nigerian soccer league. How many goals would they have to orchestrate when they want promotion to the 1st division?

38. Interesting to note that one of the teams involved in these shows of shame, the Police Machine, represents the Police Force. Now who would investigate this scandal?

39. Mumus involved in the conspiracy had to include players… team management… referees and other match officials… spectators??? That is quite a large mumu cooperative.

40. Since four teams were involved, multiply the number of conspirators by 4 (except match officials and spectators which should be multiplied by “only” 2). Hence, the scam was done in the open. It was a confident public show of shame. No… two confident simultaneous scams. No problem as corruption is everywhere.

41. Before the matches, Police Machine and Plateau United were level on points, goal difference and goals scored, and each was playing its final match which would determine which team would get elevated into the 3rd division league. Plateau United scored 72 of its 79 goals in the second half, thereby averaging more than one goal per minute. This would necessarily include the time needed to celebrate each goal, retrieve the ball, bring it back to the center, wait for the referee’s whistle before kicking off again…. after each goal. 72 times. Or did they just write the preferred figures as we typically do on election day?

42. Is it not curious that neither of the two losing teams could manage a single consolation goal? What else are we if not mumus?

43. Then there was the innocent man who was freed by the high court in Owerri after having been unjustly incarcerated for seven years, “awaiting trial”. No compensation… nobody held accountable for his ordeal. He insisted on being taken back to the prison as that was his only guaranty of a roof over his head and a daily meal. It was merely a “small thing” in the daily bizarre news as mumus went about their daily mumurity with their typical mentality of “e no concern me”.

44. Remember that this is mostly a snippet of the past two weeks or so. But there is more… 20 year old Chijioke Nwankor allegedly rapes a 9 year old pupil to death in Calabar. Reportedly in his own words, he asked her to bend down in the uncompleted building because it was too dirty to lie down as the place was being used as a public toilet. That is mumudom parlance for faeces shamelessly defecated all over the ground. Could the defecation be by aliens from outer space?

45. Well… thankfully, there is always a little ray of sunlight sneaking through the dark jungle. A Briton who was kidnapped by an armed gang shortly after arrival in Lagos, has been released.

…All in just the past two weeks or so in mumudom.

Excuse me, I have to return to work. I need to earn £3000 for my British visa. Wait a minute, did I tell you I am still a Commonwealth citizen?



Hello everyone, I do not believe we need to start throwing insults at each other or show off our academic prowess over our command of the English language. Most of us commenting here are young Nigerians, some are jobless graduates, some are having difficulties getting into higher institutions due to lack of finance and some are working their ass off just to earn some pennies which is barely able to cover half of their expenses. I think we should all stand firm together to correct all the ills in our society, these government officials are looting us silly and mortgaging our future while they are acquiring unnecessary assets with tax payers money. What the article is saying may or may not have been from Prof. Wole Soyinka but the fact still remains that these people are messing with our lives and the lives of our children, if we do not rise up to fight this menace, posterity might never forgive us. I respect all Nigerians as my brothers and sisters irrespective of their creed, religion, social status or tribal inclinations and I pray we’ll learn to respect each other as citizens of a great country rather than throw insults, abusive and derogatory languages at one another. Please let us all put all our petty differences aside and join hands together to fight against corruption and the corrupt politicians. We have enough for our needs but not enough for our greed, the future of Nigeria belongs to all of us, let us see ourselves as comrades in the struggle against corruption and the general societal ill besieging our beloved country. Respect to everyone.

If these comments are wole’s,then he is paying the penalty of not being in active politics.He should come out and contest in the next election come 2015,Thereby correcting the anomalies of past regimes,haven married the most intelligent wife on earth.


We have seen professors marry professors in the West, where ” Kongi” hails from but, in his own case nothing is known of his marital status,and while Kongi revel and marvel with semantics(which is presently seeing a precipitate diminution), not even a ‘ letter to a friend’ is known of his spouse. You derogate GEJ bcos you are known not to honor people outside your clime, but learn to respect the institutions of marriage.

And when you are a Professor with diminishing national essence, you narrowly reason from the podium of fraternity other than national growth. Hell has a chamber set in your evil name.

Nigeria is in a pitiable condition before GEJ came in, we understand that. i personally voted him because i believe that he wouldn’t perform miracles but he has to move us even a step from where we were to a new place. but it seems that he loved more to follow the steps of his predecessors. Prof had a point but i think it is unfair to blame GEJ’s wife. we Nigerians never voted for her and whatever her husband did, she shouldn’t be held accountable. and for the comments i have been reading, it seems we are still polarizing our discussion about Nigeria on ethnic sentiments. with this mentality, i see in future when Ghana will come to colonize us!

Please people don’t loose your anger here. Don’t bring your family problems here. Say reasonable things instead of insulting people here.

Most of our leaders went for free education in your days, how come youths of nowadays are paying millions before they can get admission ?

I don`t believe this is Wole Soyinka speech,but if it`s. Wole Soyinka is a Disgrace to those who call them self professor and i consider his speech as animal talk, And he should also check his own root of family where his fore father come from and tell the world, that if their are not for once be an illiterate before . Even before he Wole Soyinka become a prof ,is an illiterate, he should stop speaking like a stupid prof.

Kindly, let us forget about the authenticity of the message. But rather to embrace one another and let’s make things right in Nigeria. I’m tired of seeing people running our from their homeland, to make earns meet and live a better and more convenient life abroad. These are happening because our government still hardly think of the people. But, I know it won’t be this way forever. Let us all speak with one voice. I respect each and everyone comments. Nobody is wrong, we are all right. Lets not fight each other and support no man in power. I consider them as FAILURE. This is high time we should do away with state of origin, and tribal interest. Let’s stand firm together to make our country better. We will WIN. Let’s stand firm and stay together. One Love!

I wouldn’t criticize any one here… All i know is everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, can we please check the reasons that prompted the writer to say such b4 passing our judgments please. Can we please find other meanings of what an illiterate is? TO THIS END ANY ONE WITH KNOWLEDGE WHO DOESN’T USE IT IS AN ILLITERATE.

it he really said this then he should pay us back for all the money we spent and time reading his empty big grammars that contributed nothing to the growth and development of the nigerian economy, cos illiteracy has nothing to do with speaking another mans language, socratis and the athenian philosophers never spoke english for one day, and anyone insulting the wife of our president must be very stupid because blowing grammar has nothing to do with literacy, go check dictionary bc insulting the wife of the president has nothing to do with socio economic development afterall thats someones mother and wife we are insulting

I don’t think Prof. wrote this, if he did, I advice he visits a doctor for checkup. When a government is committed to repair a failed system, it’s adviceable for the citizens to think of what to do for the country, and not what the country can do them. Nigeria has changed a great deal, and we must key-in. Best wishes.


The holy book instruct us not to speak disrespectfully against our Leaders but to pray to the Almighty to direct them.All those who speak carelessly against Mr President or any other person in leadership position must be viewed as an enemy of the country` could SOMEBODY TELL WOLE SOYINKA THAT HE IS A WORN-OUT PROFESSOR WHO HAS LOST HIS VALUE LONG A GO.

I am stormed at Prof. Wale Soyinka out burst to our Dear Nigeria President Dr Good luck E Jonathan, if our Noble laureate actually have these statement credited to him self then i will be tempted to believe that he Soyinka have vast interest in Rivers State politics and therefore have taken position to defend Governor Chibuike Amaechi interest.the fact remains that we as Rivers people have our positions in the issues in the state matters and will not be deterred with the pressure from the West nor North because they can not cry more than the be rived. if i may ask what is the interest of the West and North in Rivers politics, why is south-south and South East not shouting same, we now understand the game of 2015 better and will play along. But please our President deserves respect if you want to be respected.

Prof. may be passing through his 30min daily madness when he was
interviewed, for God sake prof. GEJ did not start the troubles or
corruption in Nigeria neither did he initiated those govt parastatals.
You are one sided and lacks respect. I wonder if actually you are
literate like you claim. God help us

for such a respected man, this stupid statement you made has no meaning to the nation and the whole world entirely but rather disappointing.

Soyinka is a well respected Nigerian but with all due respect sir, you have not only insulted Jonathan and his wife but Nigerians as a whole. I takes true wisdom to respect an office even when to you, the occupant is a misfit.

Wole Soyinka is a fool for saying such a thing about our president and his wife. is he God? can he create a human being? He is an idiot in human form. May God pay him back. I hope he reads this. What has your so called wisdom done to improve your condition. big fool you have a fish brain.

Please,I just remembered,can someone tell me who or where is Soyinka’s wife.we need to do some analysis of her, she never speaks of her wife abi. Please I need answers.

Nigeria is a complex nation,with very complex situations that has been in existence for decades. I summarize by saying that Prof Soyinka who is in his 70’s ,himself along with other older ones watched this nation decay over the decades. Jonathan just came into the scene lately and everybody wants him to do a sudden magic: provide power suddenly,build all the roads suddenly,give standard education suddenly etc,pls ,please and please ,it takes time for GOOD things to happen in a society with severe complexity like Nigeria.even the so called CHANGE OPTIONS don’t have a solution for the country,ALL THE LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS IN THE OPPOSITION ARE JUST LOOKING FOR FAME, POWER on the grounds of personal GREED.Lets give those in governance at all levels time ,peace and support them prayerfully to deliver the goodies.

Prof. may be passing through his 30min daily madness when he was interviewed, for God sake prof. GEJ did not start the troubles or corruption in Nigeria neither did he initiated those govt parastatals. You are one sided and lacks respect. I wonder if actually you are literate like you claim. God help us

Tribal war….hahahahaha all of una na mumu…iswear…..y’all should go get a life and stop fighting over made people.

wole Soyinka you are not a politician, please leave the president alone also collect the money Amaechi is paying you, leave Rivers State alone please

Dear Prof,

Greetings Prof. Fortunately, from my location, no hippos are in sight.

Your place in history is securely established. You are one of the very few that have been consistent through the decades in your stance. Every regime since independence has felt your bold presence. Your mastery of words is extraordinary…so good that people are afraid of replying you (for fear of exposing their lingual deficiency – by the way, I face that risk). Prof, you are one of the few that excelled both in the academic world and the audacious realm of activism. At my age, you were already declared an enemy of the Nigerian state for daring to stand hand in hand with truth. Time has proved you one of Nigeria’s finest. It is in the light of this remarkable persona that I am bothered by your position on the rumble in the deltaic plains of Rivers State. Your summation, I’m afraid, is uncharacteristically one sided.

In your press conference, you brought to fore the brash affront to arithmetic rules, where 16 became greater than 19 and more recently 5 outnumbering 27. Prof, I share in your disgust. My discipline exposed me to mathematics beyond the ordinary. In all my romance with the subject, the only aspect of math that made provision for this absurd is found in the O LEVEL topic – Inequalities. However, that is only applied in finding unknowns and where a solution is only reached if it satisfies a condition (if the inequality is true). In these political equations at hand, there were no variables (unknowns) but constants – 35 and 32 respectively. Therefore 5 > 27 and 16 > 19 cannot be solutions to the political inequalities, respectively. Take this to CERN, take it to NASA, It defies both logic and mathematics.

However, this numerical tragedy is not more disgusting than the show of shame at a chamber that should boast of hallowed men, and not the hollow species we saw on TV, Tuesday last. We saw a pro-Amaechi law maker hack down a colleague almost to the point of death. They said he was provoked. What manner of provocation should make a legislator act in such berserk manner (exponentially disproportionate to the magnitude of provocation)? Or is this the real case of failure to get the swamp out of the hippopotamus as you stated in your follow up? Also, no provocation should make the executive governor put himself in harm’s way in the manner in which he did. Imagine if anything had happened to him. We also saw a man clad in Police uniform and another, both alleged to be the Governor’s aides, joining in the melee. However, I find it surprising that you didn’t reserve any choice word of condemnation for these acts of brigandage. You traced everything to the door step of the first lady, who at that time we read in the papers, was many time zones ahead in China. Prof, that is not a complete picture neither is it a fair assessment.

In your press conference, you described the first lady as a domestic appendage of power. Coming from a constitutional perspective, yes this is understandable for there is no phrase or compound word called “first lady” in the constitution. Prof, similarly, the constitution makes no such provision for a tier or arm of government, either implicitly or explicitly, called “Nigerian Governors Forum”. Unfortunately, the NGF is fast becoming another tier of government. It is as much a travesty as 16 > 19 portends. They gang up and stampede the President, deplete the excess crude account with reckless abandon and protect the political estates of members. In fact, they are fast becoming an electoral college for Presidential Elections – they pull the strings, provide the candidates from amongst them, and nominate the delegates at the primaries, etc. This is a threat to our brand of democracy. On a personal note, I’m afraid we lost our governor to this same body, for since he became the chairman of this group, things have slowed down back in the swamp. It’s been an expensive distraction thus far. Prof, you were silent on these things…or is there a part 2 coming?

Prof, the battle in Rivers State is set in the murky waters of the swamp. When the mace becomes the weapon, then you can imagine the level of deterioration. Like you mentioned, there are all manner of exotic species enmeshed in the messy swamp; some are buoyant carnivores, others pretentious parasites. Beatifying one at the expense of the other is plain travesty. I am inspired by your metaphorical wonder (of hippos, swamps, etc), the hippos with their physical presence and sheer brute dominate this battle. But you see, if a vet wants to capture the hippo, he won’t come charging at the hippo with bare hands and expect to subdue it. He’ll apply a tranquilizer and put it to sleep and the hippo becomes his for the treatment. Prof, your role as a statesman puts you in the stead of our dear Vet. We expect you to apply the intellectual tranquilizer of a statesman rather than diving in to the murky swamp. You are too much of an icon (one that I personally adore) to take sides with these politicians. Whichever side, whichever way, they carry dirty baggage from the swamp, one you’ll not be proud to be seen with from hindsight. Going personal on characters in the conflict without addressing all-sides of the real issues of the conflict will only fuel further conflict, and even leave you exposed to all manner of attacks.

Finally Prof, from your last statement, you seem to have a good line of communication with the Governor. Please tell him we miss his old self. Tell him we miss that era where he was jumping on his power bike to inspect projects and ensure contractors were working. Tell him to stop these unnecessary battles, that he’s misappropriating energy in the process. The second part of the principle of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted from one form to another. Yes, our Governor has converted his positive energy into a negative one for unnecessary fights that is not of benefit to Rivers people. At the moment, he is at war with a legion; unbeknownst to him, he’s dragging us all with him into these murky waters. The masses are at the receiving end. When the Commissioner for Information in any state becomes busier than the Commissioner for works, it’s a curious sign of a flaming Rome. That is the situation the state is in at the moment. Even the man on the street in Maiduguri knows the name of the Commissioner of Information in Rivers State. Please tell him not to listen to these sycophants around him urging him on to vain battles. They are only his friends because they are operating with the Chinese adage – The enemy of your enemy is your friend. We thought he’d learn from the mistakes of his ex-boss in this regard. Tell him to heed the advice of Afenifere or the wise counsel of Orji Uzor Kalu. Tell him that the real battle is to fix our infrastructure and ensure the dividends of democracy will trickle down to every home. We need our Governor to be focused. I travelled about 54km on the election morning just to make sure I vote for him because of what he did in his first two years in office. Today, he is held down by inertia. Nay, he’s actually decelerating and resonating negative energy. He’s everywhere but nowhere!

Prof, by the way, the hippos and the manatees you mentioned are endangered in our swamp. The reckless activities of oil companies have chased them to extinction. We will be glad if you if you can help us lend your voice in this regard as well

I dont think Prof. Soyinka actually spoke those words! Lets be careful….God is watching!

A man doesn’t need his wife’s opinion to do well in his administartive office. Please leave the First Lady alone! No body could have insulted IBB or Abacha’s wife and go away with it! We must know that the Cow that has no tail has God to chase away flies from afflicting him! Lets be careful!!!

is not possible to be educated and be illiterate, it only can be possible, if you attend class or go school without been educated.

I guess this writeup is a framed work n cc should find out and convince Nigeria that they are working please be careful net has done more harm than good with God we will win this rascals

I have read through the various comments made about this so called Wole Soyinka statement and what I have noticed is shocking to say the least. A major fiber of this nation is dying off gradually and we are looking at it with folded arms like stooges in a fools play. Nigerian graduates and undergraduates alike cannot express themselves with proper grammatical distinction. It is a sad and distasteful that at this level of civilization and with the high amount of schools in the nation the level of our educational system has degenerated to such fowl levels is really sad. If we can’t successfully express our views how then can we critically analyze the issues that burden our society? I have a lot on my mind to say on this issue but I’d leave it for a better fora. Ponder on this my people instead of malicious claims that have no footing.

First and foremost I do seriously doubt that this was said by Wole Soyinka for certain reasons, but lets assume that it was and if it was indeed, he does have a solid point as well. Which brings me to the reason I want to comment on this malicious claim….@b57c755b30a55e3853304ff32437cccd:disqus it is a shame that certain Nigerians think with their tongues, ‘only when you feel the taste do you sing praises about it’. What does his understanding of English got to do the ill’s of our nation? A valid point has been laid out for critical minds to ponder on and in the very mediocre way ; which is a highlight of what our ‘Critic’ was trying to point out, you have shown how pedestrian in thinking some Nigerians can be i.e YOU…. Even in the animal world there is order, so ask yourself two questions? One; What is wrong with Nigeria? and most especially ‘What is wrong with me’? Which happens to be YOU in this context, in case you are so daft as to not get my point, because if something wasn’t wrong all these people won’t lash at you with so much venom. If after you have asked and answered these questions and you can change, then i think the latter part of the statement said to be made by the Prof is taking effect already and it would also mean in my books that there’s hope for Nigeria.

This was definitely not Soyinka’s writing just a dumb idiot trying to get readings to his site! The America president has two aircrafts in his fleet but every time Airforce one is in the air, a minimum of 2 f16 are in the air of which their operational cost is more than Nigeria’s 9 pit together. Plus any intelligent Nigerian know Goodluck did not order a new plane, but is only paying the contractual agreement put in place by OBJ.

The US has 500billion people of which it does not come close to the ethnic diversity we have with our 450 different languages all crammed up in this small land called Nigeria, and as per how many minsters, blame it on the constitution and not Patience.

Does it matter if it is soyinka or not? The truth is that “somebody” just summoned the courage to voice what a lot of Nigerians are ruminating over in the last couple of months.

why everybody blaming our president?during Obj where is Wole Soyinka? ,during Abacha where is Wole Soyinka?during IBB where is Wole Soyinka,truly if all this came from prof. Wole that’s means he is a fool and stupid what has he done to Nigerian?

We dont have to insult Soyinka by correcting him of his wrong said. But if truly he said that, that was bad of him but the Soyinka that all Nigerians know can never say such to the number one citizen of this counrty because of his level of education and moral principles. Prof Soyinka knows the implications that this could lead to if truly he insulted the president and his wife; such as (tribal crises, less respect for him,and human dignity and can be sued for such statement.)

I need an answer please…Is prof Wole..not among the leader of Nigeria..Why has he not raise this alarm since…Because his fellow cult member is having problem with Mr president…Now he has the Gods to insult GEJ….Stupid cultist like Wole…How many times has Wole come out to address the issue of boko harm….Let talk about peace and not adding salt to injuring…All this your senseless words we not save PH…All they need now is a round table talk..For peace to rain again in PH………

Wole is talking like a typical Yoruba man against a South-South man. Remember Awo introduced the obnoxious on-shore/off-shore oil dichotomy to rubbish d South-south. I’m not surprised. He should apologize to d First Lady for such insults. Well, lets give d distinguish Prof d benefit of d doubt. He may not have made d statements.

The truth is that this Naija country is on a wrong FOUNDATION, no matter how you address the super structure, it is not going to work. Little wonder almost every thing in this country is a disaster.

It is very unfortunate the way this country is governed, my heart bleeds
every time i see what is happening in this country. We are at the edge of
collapse. Nothing good comes out from this country. people are
disappointed with our leaders. who are the key causes to our problem. we
are like a sheep without Shepard. corruption is now the order of the
day. Noting is working. We are tired of this crazy life democracy. if
you think democracy is good for us. i think we are making the biggest
mistake cause the next person that will come will do the same or worst.
The element of truth is no more. They are setting a very bad examples.
we should stand up and flush them out, let the youth take over, and
disable all those leaders that never want to retire.

A larger percentage of those who have commented (supra) need to revisit their English Language teachers or text books for proper construction of sentences and punctuations.

hey u man don’t say Goodluck made a mistake…cus he married her out of love not money nd he didn’t kn his gng 2 b d predo of naijia 2day….luk is not abt speakn much English…either u like it or not she ur first lady nd u v 2 give her dat respect nd dnt u talk in manner again of sum1 wife.

All these did not start under GEJ. Wole Soyinka should shed himself of this radicalism and activism he started since his years in school and enjoy his departure age. He lost his voice when his brother OBJ was at the helm of affairs plundering the country blind and yet he did nothing and did not describe him with his metaphoric adjective. He should leave GEJ and his wife alone. GEJ is not complaining. This is the woman that stood by him when he was nothing and do you expect him to shove her aside now that things have changed for the better in their lives. NO.

clearly,you must be worse than jonathan if you get there,don’t you know the present administration is a show of shame?are you a knot…..?

You guys are bunch of loosers caling names on here…you are all retarted calling yourself names on here….find something to do instead of this pls…

what proof said is just telling us how we Nigerians were being ruled by Mr fool called the president.God bless this great Nation,but under the administration of bad leaders,

Bunch of illiterate are commenting here, still they address other people exactly the way they ought to be addressed.

All we need is change, and it won’t happen without actions from the youth. We can’t just sit down and expect change in the nation, come on guys, let’s rise up and fight for our right

Soyinka is sick … how could he openly insult our president. Come out and lets know your interest. Don’t ridicule Mr. President because if u are in his shoes, u will certainly do worse. Don’t play Mr. NICE GUY

@ Gloria, you dont have to insult Soyinka as well by correcting him of his wrong said. Yeap, if truly he said that, that was bad of him but the Soyinka that all Nigerians know can never say such because, he knows he the implication and can be sued for such statement.

Jonathan is not the only problem of Nigeria…the people that dictates the tune for helpless political stooge like Jonathan are the Sadaunas, Bayeros, Atikus, Babangidas, Obasanjos, Ciromas and other cabals that are powerful elites who are stinkingly rich but unable to occupy presidency….they plant their errand boys who have no choice than dance to the tunes…
Surely, Nigeria needs a revolution!

……that’s cool my brother…….Rivers problem is a product of fail system coupled with reckless political ambition, lack of respect, and climbing through people’s back to prominence…..time will come that you will pay back……Its time now.

Soyinka, you are a great man. I’m proud of you. I refuse to believe that you would reduce yourself to the level of making the statement that I saw above. I believe some funny people may be responsible for it. Soyinka is too busy to go about making such statements, though I am not unaware that he could be very difficult and unpredictable sometimes. Soyinka, you are a great man. I love you.

appreciated uncle wole been a brave man to utter such of the statement
though its not new or amazing me but most people in Nigeria does not
know their human right been a citizen of the country, we are all have
entitle to say whatever we wish to those stupid elder, because its human
right been a citizen but here in nigerian most people will know the
fact and say something else, even most of you comment on this issue if
99% were called and bribe i bet assignment is done which is not suppose
to be…Anyway, GOD almighty will bail us from them and choose a right
and humanity to be out leader but if not way is coming no matter how

the truth is that, the statement is a stupid one coming from one of the most educated people we have in Nigeria. may be his wife (sonyinka’s) is also educated. he should have suggested something instead of insulting the president of uor dear country-NIGERIA. little or no wonder people say one can be educated but still remain an illiterate. he (wole), has just displayed that. what example is he laying down for us who are growing… if he does not have anything progressive to say, let him shut up his mandibles he calls mouth.

Both the writer of this piece, most commenters and Prof. Wole Soyinka (if he actually said these things) are the more illiterates. They should have known illiteracy is there in the English repertoire of words with a precise definition – inability to read and write. This definitely is not the case with Mrs Patience Jonathan. Literacy is not equal to intelligence or being wise. Now you guys can judge for yourselves who is more illiterate. For once, can Nigerians criticize intelligently? This was how some loafers began spreading rumors that Nigeria was rated 8th most corrupt nation in the world by Transparency International, only for the same organization to come out and say they did not release any report. What is wrong with this country? This is a country where everybody listens to and swallows every shit that comes his/her way. I ask again, can we be intelligent and reasonable for once?

Hummee! Having read through the comments herein, I make as bold
to say that our problem(s) as a Nation is the LACK of APPRECIATION and

Hummee! Having read through the comments herein, I make bold to say that our problem(s) as a Nation is the LACK of APPRECIATION and ENCOURAGEMENT mentality, which had CRIPPLED our ANCESTRAL- LINEAGES cum INCAPACITATED our collective VISIONS for a MISSION in FUTILITY.


Rhonda Dennis, please I wish to ask you; do you think you are being fair to this man? Do you think Soyinka would go on facebook to make the statement posted thus? Don’t you think some funny people could be responsible for the post? Well, I refuse to believe that Soyinka made the statement; he is an honourable man. Thanks.

Why is it that some Nigerians are so daft? Be it the statement was sourced by Prof. Wole Soyinka or not, the fact remains that, the source has spoken well. Why can’t we come together and make a better future instead of hoping and deceiving ourselves with hopeless change(s)? Why are the politicians who invest all our money called brokers?
No security, power supply is f9, bad roads everywhere, institutions strike everyday. So what is the essence of siting with our palms below the chin?
Our leaders are thieves….. Jabs!!!

@ Truth, you got it wrong by saying ‘either the statement was sourced by Prof. Wole Soyinka or not, the fact remains that, the source has spoken well’ We arent all happy about the Nigeria Problems but the fact remains it is very wrong and immature for Prof Soyinka to insult the President, his wife and the entire Nigerians if truly he said that.
“When You Marry An Illiterate Woman, You Make Stupid Decisions Like Jonathan”. But i am sure that Prof soyinka is too matured to have said that.

I don’t know whether English language is Nigerians mother tongue, all we need is understanding. Allow the person you are condemning to speak in his mother tongue then you will appreciate him better but instead of people to say the truth they are always after correct English are we returning to the second term slavery?

first and foremost, Prof. Wole Soyinka is not responsible for this, an incontrovertible proof would have to show otherwise. secondly, the numbers and facts stated may not be actual but they do point out something reasonable and worth considering. this may really not be far from the truth or even the reality may be far worse! Lastly, reading through all the comments here it’s obvious many lurk a deleterious tribal sentiments within them. Jonathan is the president of Nigeria not Niger Delta! And although the electoral process that brought him in may not have been completely flawless, some of us casted our votes in his support, there is therefore a reasonable ground to make constructive criticisms from time to time; the president is not island or know-all, especially Jonathan who is a neophyte! i mean, the facts speak for themselves, how many things have really improved since the commencement of the tenure of this man? the obvious answer is not much! he doesn’t seem to have clear and coordinate idea of what he wants to achieve, and for God’s sakes someone should make a contrast between him and Fashola with respect to firmness of vision and determination to pursue it to the very last. Having written all this, i must add that no one in a reasonable state of mind will expect Jonathan to right all the wrongs in this country. he is no messiah. all we are saying is, what pivotal thing will he be remembered? not forgetting he made so much promise before he became president, de jure and de facto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

The thruth is that, in every political dispensation some old beneficiaries become broke and even poor for the national cake would no longer reach them, while others become richer for the national cake comes to them. All those in support of prof may be those on the loosing side while those in suport of the Boss man and her royal highness are those the cake must be reaching. Its two sides of a coin, so give to ceaser…… mine is let peace reign.

Mandela fought for South Africa, yet he did not seek another term in office! GEJ should give chance to others to rule. it’s high time we stopped this “long term exploitation” of Nigeria in the name being a president (or leaders).

The first speaker of this piece with his illiterate wife is worse than the president of Nigeria. little wonder he appeared with his useless woman to show Nigerians his arrogance.

Soyinka is the worst full we have ever produced in Nigeria. He is a failure and bad a omen to Nigeria but so many people don;t seems to realize that fact. he is just speaking programmer that never fetched us any good rather than exploit. He criticized Babadiga regime and later took an appointment still he never turned the situation. Cultism was brought by him into the country and yet he has the gut to talk nonsense. I guess he has to be probed and answer some some question before he can keep his stupid mouth short. GEJ for the few months he has been on the seat is doing well and we are seeing the changes we want and the change everybody want will never come as magic but spontaneously. Owolowo sowed the bad seed of hatred into this country and now it is Sonyinka’s turn. Go and die and go to hell Soyinka,, You are a full.. No wonder South Africa Immigration denied you entry into their country… a whole noble man!! shame on you and you family! Leave Nigeria and Nigerians alone.. Die and leave us alone.. Yoruba’s are the problem of Nigeria from inception in the like of Awolowo.. BACK BITES. Why were you not saying this during the Obasanjo regime? Ogun Kill you there. I diot

I guess u are an Ijaw man or a militant and that’s why u said GEJ is doing fine becos u are paid allowance, but hey, have got news for you. whatever has a beginning has an end

Izebhokhae… Who told you they don’t use generator in US? Stop saying what you don’t know. They use too just that is not common.

i don,t really believe that our beloved first lady didn,t go to school, but why ppl should say that .it was after his husband became president that she start looking for some documents for her schools…..some say she fat,Can,t speak English well,Lazy and so on…lets ask her to defend her self……a whole First lady hmm is a big lie…..but Adoff i heard that they use Generator but not the same type we use in Nigeria….do you really know the company who made it…..train,train ,why train in Nigeria again…..a place for Boko Haram to Finish us …..even if they provide such train i will not enter it …u wann make i die inside …..ok…Patience pls defend your self ….Night school is still ok as i think…..sojankaa or wole i don,t care ,the man na full time Educational….i think there is some sense in what he is saying anyway…..but i believe he can help Goodluck Jonathan with Grammer and his wife as wellll…..if they will allowed him in Aso Rock…..

shut up Nublock or whatever you call yourself no home in the US uses a generator except during camping

We Nigerians are greed hw many of us can wake up n demonstrate, go hunger strke n remain on street for our president to be removed. The Egyptians just that n got the result they want so we should stop making noise n writing big big grammers on facebook. Let take the bull by the horn if we need good n better life.

I doubt if Prof. ever said such a thing, becaused He could not have called an NCE and BA edu holder an illiterate, just because she made mistake in english language, which is not our language. Nigerians should come out of the impression that english is a test of inteligence. this is absolute rubish and lies.He prof may be good in literature. but mind u he is no where near patience who is equally a prof in politics.

Illiteracy is not about Eng, but about learning something for more than 10years and still be found short of it! If indeed madam Jona has B.Ed, it speaks volume of Nigerian education system or perhaps, education system in the south-south.

Prescot an NCE and BA edu holder is educated granted but being illiterate does not mean uneducated,she is sure an illiterate

and y do you write in English? the way you speak and read in Nigeria is to a level a test of literacy, exposure and maturity, so don’t kid yourself

I agree English is not our language,but not our first lady shud make such an open mistake.its all gud GEJ shud try more. to whom much is given much is expected

Your father and grandfather suffered for Nigeria and never buy one jet. Now a useless gutter guy like Jonathan waste the country’s on Jet that he can not even use before he die. RIP GEJ., R.I.P or rest in sorry Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

…….I like the shallow brain of some people…..the earlier 8 or 9 Jets…who bought them? The next one that would make it 9 or 10…..would GEJ take it home at the end of his tenure? Fight and talk about the Nigerian system and not a particular person because the system goes beyond GEJ and can never be corrected under 3 years……THINK!!!

As ur name implies just be patience, you ll fly ur own jet in Hell. stupid fool, is it GEJ that is buying those jets? NIGERIA bought them before He came into Office? MUMU NI

I don’t know why you people are just blaming Prof. for his comment. I believe one should be objective and not base his criticisms on mere ground of ethnicity and emotion.

The prof understand that in the world today, both the president and his wife (to whom office of first-lady as been asigned) are both public figures and when you are a public figure, you are public property. So GEJ and his wife are no more a Bayelsa man than he is an Oyo, Benin, Imo or Katsina man. He and his wife belong to Nigeria and Nigerians as a whole.

Furthermore, the influence of first ladies on their husbands can not be over emphasized in that they are the first and chiefest adviser to the president, like it or not, they are the closest confidants. Considering that, the prof. believed the wife should be well informed and be influential enough to help her husband to deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizen. You may be informed that that is the situations in the civilized developed world.

Or have we forgot that if husband do well outside, people will hail his wife and if otherwise, the question will be asked whether he has wife at home. And behind a successful man, there is a successful (smart, brilliant, intelligent, literate and well informed ) wife, you can say and vice-versa.

Also, strong lust for materialism is greatly expressed by our level of spiritualism and impoverishment of our souls. If all comparisons of Prof. were correct then, there is no need for further explanation of the impoverished state of our country.

Nigerian problems are many and have been for many years now but citizen’s search for leader is majorly about who will help reduce the problem or improve the government, not otherwise. What is the use of buying unlimited number of cars when there is no good road to use them.

Our country is gravely ill and all our hired healers have abandoned her to die. The citizens themselves have not known more than to sing praises and adulation of the people elected to be their servants but who are now their lords. These self-made lords who kill the citizen on daily basis and also crack their bone so that nothing of them might be left if need be are carried high with fanfares.

I wish we Nigeria know when her time comes.

Wole Soyinke must be a fool to insult a fellow man’s wife, he is uncultured, an ucultic idiot who thinks he knows it all, what has he evented with his education, he should tell nigerians what his education has benefited us, a tribalistic maggot.

I know your father is not enlighten like Prof and that’s the reason why you grew up in the creek.. Bastard

@ Samuel, that is what we are saying. A post came that Prof. Soyinka insulted the President’s wife and he needed to be corrected if truly he did. But instead Dhrokochi to correct him and let him realise his mis- said/deed, he started insulting Soyinka with all sorts of names which you(Samuel) has also start doing too by insulting Samuel too. pls, dont let us correct wrong with wrong.

@Dhrokochi, You are one of the product of Nigerian failed system. Hope you could correct yourself with your meager education or use common sense

Hey guys….We dont need all of this insults i guess…no one is perfect and we are just borrowing this English remember???becareful when argueing over internet for someone is watching you…..

that’s why it’s internet,anybody could watch.tell jonathan the fact,he’s got it all wrong

Drhokochi, remember that it has not been proved or established that Wole Soyinka wrote that piece. Its the internet: anybody can write anything and put anybody’s name on it. And, the last time i checked, the spelling was “occultic” and not “ucultic”. . . see? these are some of the problems.

…Goldstein…..Dr….assumed that its made by Prof. Wole…..this is to rubbish what the perpetrator wants to achieve. If for instance, all of us say in unison that Prof cannot say this…..we have indirectly rubbished the creator of such insinuation….

Who is now the fool when believing internet write up with no substantial prove that it is the work of Wole.Nawa for some pple o

I Love your level of thinking based on uncultured statement being alter by the so called Prof. Soyinka but you got it totally wrong saying what has he invented with his academic career. It shows you aren’t a good reader and you lack how to put words rightly. you dont correct wrong with wrong by insulting him as well. Yeap, Soyinka insulted and abused the president’s wife and all other Nigerians but you dont correct him through your abusive words.( Fool, Idiot, maggot etc). pls learn!

You are the one that is tribalistic. YOU ARE A FOOL. Soyinka criticize OBJ more when he was in power. Why will another man’s wives talk to another wife husband anyhow. Do u know what illeterate madam said when she went to portharcourt. I hope u know that amaechi has wife, why is she not joining issues and start talking like Dame. Think before you talk.

……Thank you my Brother, this is exactly what people are not understanding……you don’t brag with what you are blessed with….because it could be taken away by the giver or even by death….we should watch how we insult people……

Nobody will take away your good grammar…..or common sense for that matter. It’s either you have it….or you don’t.

I don`t quite agree with Prof. Wole Soyinka. Every living person under the sun is a stark illiterate when compare to what he or she does not know. For instance, a woman prof. of English elsewhere is a stark illiterate to my language and way of doing things in my land if she doesn’t know them. That the Western knowledge came here and some learnt it, is not a yardstick to call one who does not know it an illiterate all through so far on his or her own natural setting he or she knows it well. So if any man marries such woman he hasn`t made any stupid decisions. Even now every celebrated Professor is a stark illiterate somewhere.

I believe Soyinka is educated enough to know about seditious libel, slander, defamation and all that…So by my judgement, he is not the publisher of such story..

Everything Prof said is nothing but the truth… Please, get that into your skull.. Creek Monkey

Osanjo and others have been there and nothing was done.. The illiterate president and the wife is the one showing good Nigerians green light to future. Fool like you……

You are the biggest fool that walked the earth,how can you say obasanjo did nothing when you now own a Mobile phone,what has GEJ done for you? except maybe you are a creek monkey that has been receiving monthly allowance

Yes, the most educated illiterate we have in this Country @ the moment, Wole Soyinka, alias “the barren noble” is overwhelmed with joy. The reason is, he’s got a pittance he’s never gotten since he was born, even as a laureate, laureate nonsense!

Unless and otherwise it is not Wole that makes the statement then, he who marries a unmannered wife always make ill-mannered comment, such as made by this individual

Wole Soyinka’s wife that is the most brilliant of all Nigerians and perhaps the whole world, including Wole in himself what change has your intelligent brought to this nation (nigeria) even your immediate family, you understands english and mathematics now because Jonathan is the president. She is Better than what you can think of with your….. 

Oluwaimaha, you know what you’ve written is not true. Haba. . .the fact that you refuse to acknowledge the Pastor in the church doesnt mean he is not there. You are the type of Nigeria who will say, “na grammar we go chop”, yet worry that your child is failing in school. Mtcheeeeeeeeuuuuuw!

……I don’t even see why you guys are attacking Oluwa…..he is entitled to his opinion just like you guys…..If the statement of illiteracy came from Prof……then insanity is setting in!!!


Ariel, you have well spoken Bro. How do we classify some one who studied foreign language via which got an award and yet have none in his own mother language? meaning he is an illiterate in his own mother language and yet still a slave to the Colonial masters.

you can’t even speak good English but you are educated,that is what we call illiteracy,”you understands english”

Ronad master of English language found,u used capital letter at d mid nd small letter at d end ,mugu

guy, you don’t come to forum like this and establish your gullibility.you better go back to school perhaps you’ll be incisive.how will you raise your wards..?

Oluwaimaha , you don’t have sense. Read again. how did pas out from primary school. you are blind like bat.

Does this even make any sense to you ?? fool, so are u justifyin that the decisions that jonathan is making are right??? you better watch it there..BASTARD..you have no sense at all..

How can a Holy Saint be calling person Bastard and fool……I wonder how holy you are……anyway, Prof Soyinka cannot stoop so low to make such statement……if it came from him…then may be his academic prowess is turning to madness…….

you are a fool Oluwaimaha, u guys will continue to rotten in poverty if you dont wake up and let us call a spade a spade!! your so called government need to be retraced back to the root…. and stop condemning what Prof said.. he is not a politician so you should knw what to say…

Tboy, are your mates not in the house of senates, assembly,and you are hear talking, you and professor should make impact in this nation.

it is obvious that Nigerian youth are not ready for change that is why the future of the youth are been share and eaten by these empty heads called leader.

tboy, you are the proper fool. Goodluck is not a magician, change everything just one day. Why did Prof Wole tell OBJ this kind of words

tboy, you are the most intelligent fool i’ve ever heard in the history online opinion.

Oluwaimaha nice one, What impact or changes has he brought into this nation, let him go and sit down and continue to watch how the system is been run,

@ oluwaimaha.As foolish as u reason.cant u see that both jonathan and his wife are complete nonentity.Fools reason alike.U better learn

@ oluwaimaha what a very good way of spoiling this article with your grammar derailing post.I pray that you will lividente to tell the aftermath of this unruly behaviour of our pres

If our respected public figures would say these.then Nigeria has no ICON.This is an outright character assassination.What do we have to learn from such statement?

i love prof. i know it”s all fabrications. soyinka can never, i repeat, can never make such sensitive and unseemly comment about our no 1 citizen

wel, the person who cooked this story can not fool me…u waren’t smart enof….Professor Wole 
soyinka does not believe there is anybody one hve to pray to, he does not bliv a god exist anywhere, He’s a humanist…so who is he asking nigerians to pray to? Bcides those comments warnt from someone who ever went to school…and am wondering who the illiterate now is,…..

YOU were to be among of government agent who they gave money to be writting here one day will be one day for you with your robbish. Please are you satisfied with the current situation in Nigeria? Yes or No

…..You can see now that lots of us now have different definitions for Illiteracy…..na waoooo….so whoever that consumed and took this statement as been made by Prof. Soyinka….is an ILLITERATE…..good!!!

Prof,if this is coming from you am disappointed,most of us talking cannot not do better.for sure we have seen and tasted.

Totally agree with you Jummai, lacking moral courage and illiteracy are 2 distinctly different conditions.

Well,Our Problem is Greed.Simple,change could only come if we can be content with what we have and stop thinking having political power means ripping off the state funds.