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Friends gave my wife wrong advice to ruin our marriage — Afeez Owo

Actress Mide Martins’ husband, Afeez Owo, has, for the first time, spoken about the event that nearly ruined their marriage, many months back, after his wife called him out on Instagram.

In 2016, his wife had claimed on social media that he had abandoned her and the kids.

However, in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, Owo said his wife of 17 years, took the wrong advice from friends who wanted to cause havoc in their home.

The film-maker said:

“There will always be challenges in a home but it depends on how you handle them. Friends nearly ruined our marriage; my wife was wrongly advised. As we speak, she still regrets all those things she did or said. .

“Couples will always fight, but they don’t need to let their neighbours know about it. We’ve made our mistakes and we have learnt from it. We don’t pray for that anymore.”

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