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Ganduje: CACOL lauds Kano Asembly for probing Governor’s bribery scandal

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open leadership, CACOL, has commended the Kano State House of Assembly over its continued probe of the video clips allegedly exposing Governor Abdullahi Ganduje receiving bribe from public works contractors.

CACOL made the recommendation in a press release issued to DAILY POST on Friday by its Executive Chairman, Debo Adeniran.

It however demanded that the legislators grant the conditions given by the contractor who has indicated his readiness to testify before the House. 

CACOL’s statement added, “Corruption is the main reason our blessed country is not moving forward.

“It is only in Nigeria that people who are accused of corruption crimes are not eager to clear their names because I still do not understand how someone who has been caught on video receiving bribes would refuse to honour an invitation by the House of Assembly to clear his name. It is ridiculous that he could confidently give excuses that the evidence against him is doctored.”

The centre further commended the contractor, who for now has decided to remain anonymous, for his courage to step out and expose corruption.

It said, “We need more people who are ready to confront these corrupt individuals without fear for the office they occupy. The fight against corruption should not be left to the Federal Government alone, as it is the duty of every Nigerian to name, shame and shun all corrupt practices in every section of our society.

“The era of business as usual must end. The tendency to sweep corruption cases of this magnitude under the carpet even when there is evidence must no longer be tolerated in accordance with the anti-corruption stance of the Buhari administration.

“If testifying against Ganduje would help the country to intensify the anti-graft war, then we have no objections to the demands of the contractor as they are reasonable and justifiable.

“This particular case is long overdue for probe by the anti-graft agencies due to the fact that there are individuals who are ready to provide evidence.

“We call on the State House of Assembly panel to grant the request of the whistleblowing contractor to ensure that Ganduje clears his name over the weighty allegations levelled against him.”

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