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5 Things you Need for a Healthier Lifestyle By Amara Kanu

Amara Kanu shares five steps to keeping in great shape and staying healthy.At a size 10 with three kids, the fitness and wellness enthusiast/wife of ex professional footballer Kanu Nwankwo started her journey to a healthy life early enough; married to a footballer and active kids with sports interest naturally made her tune to the healthy life.

In a fast world where it’s more convenient to grab soda and burgers instead of eating right to stay healthy and in shape, she reveals there would be struggles at first but with determination, anyone can stay in great shape.
The toned mum of three who only recently released a book ‘Healthy Living’ documenting general wellbeing in form of a 30-day fitness guide shares how to get started on a healthier journey once you’ve decided to go ‘clean’.

To start a journey to a healthier life, she dishes on five different ways to keep in shape and ultimately maintain a healthier life.

1. Self Love
“The first thing you need is Self Love (it’s a chapter in my book). You have to love yourself in the morning. It’s hard to be on a healthy journey because the world is fast and everything is going fast (fast and fast) it doesn’t slow down but if you remember you’re a priority, you make out time for self love and that would encourage you to do the right things”..

“Another is Consistency on what you’ve determined is good for you” she shares, once you decide to live a healthier life you had to try hard to make it work by being consistent.

3. Discipline
She gives the third thing needed as discipline “which comes with being able to share whatever your goals are, make them public so you can stick to it, be accountable to yourself”.

4. Breakfast
“Never Miss breakfast” she says “is the most important meal of the day and because the body has been sleeping all night and the energy has gone down you need to power it up in the morning”.

5. Stay Positive
On staying positive, she shares “I like to stay positive and that would help you on your journey”.
Her first book ‘Healthy Living’ is a fitness guide complete with workout tips, healthy fitness guide.

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