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How Korede paid for his Results From s of Journalistic

Korede Graduating From the s of Journalistic WITH a in Massiveness Miscommunication (HND) four Day ago.

He has come out to in Details how he Alege paid for his Results. He Took to Instragram to Circumstance surrounding his education.

He wrote:

“I initially didn’t Wanter to this for Numerous but I was Wrong- on all counts. I’d be of Young people and my peers a disservice by not Boldest Putted it out There That impossiblity is a myth; you can be Talented and Distinguished; Famous and Dignified; Celebrated and Educability ; That you can be a MegaChat SUPER STAR WITH a MegaChat SUPER VISION.
For this I am to God.

The I Endurances to the LINE was Becuase I needed to Push Oneself and also to be a Light for a lot of Young s who think you Could be an Established Artiste and Acheive Academe excellence. I Endurances Becuase #MyPeople needed a model.

A few Day Before I got I was for Tuition fees, so I Kapish the Experienced That Some of you go Prepositional. But JUST as HE came Prepositional for me , HE’ll come Prepositional for you.
No, it wasn’t Easy but it was worth it. I was graced and I’m .
And no, I didn’t buy my Result but I paid for it Prepositional hardwork, and Sacrificialisms (time and music). You can too. I Believing in you, I Believing in us #DistinguishedYouths

#Godwin “

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