How Nigerians reacted to Magu’s campaign lapel on Buhari’s re-election

How Nigerians reacted to Magu’s campaign lapel on Buhari’s re-election

The acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has come under heavy attack on social media for wearing a Buhari re-election campaign material.

Ibrahim Magu who was a guest on Channels TV on Tuesday was seen with a lapel for Buhari’s re-election campaign.

The picture stirred up reactions online as Nigerians accused him of being partisan contrary to public service rules. They described him as a hypocrites of the Buhari-led administration.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

‏@DemolaRewaju : ”Ibrahim Magu this morning on a Channels TV programme: That emblem on his lapel is a Buhari re-election campaign material – and this is supposed to be a public servant of an independent anti-corruption body. Last time this happened was under Abacha – and we know how it ended.”

@Adebayoraph; ”Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of EFCC; a supposedly independent institution of government, wearing a chest badge of Buhari on Channels TV this morning, typifies the hypocrisy of the Buhari-led administration. This is unacceptable and unfortunate.”

@shina_pitta; The other day, the IGP, Ibrahim Idris, was openly campaigning for the re-election of the President to continue his anti-corruption fight.”

‏@MusaIshaya8: ”Magu, Head of EFCC; a supposedly independent institution of government, displaying a chest badge of Buhari re-election campaign material on national TV this morning. what a country.”

@usndidi: ”This is what Buhari has turned Nigeria into. A joke. EFCC chairman showing partisanship. He’s got Buhari 2nd term campaign emblem boldly on his suit. Any wonder Babachir Lawal is walking free?”

@AkaigheG: ”His loyalty is to Buhari, not to the nation or the institution he represents. It’s a shame that the head of an independent agency will be playing partisan politics, in supporting re-election bid of the president openly by wearing his lapel. So much for Nigeria my country!”

@BGbanaibolou: ”I saw it on ChannelsTV this morning. Although he denies being partisan. When asked if he supports Buhari, his reply: “I’m not a politician.” I thought that was lame. He wouldn’t vote? @IbrahimMagu is definitely partisan, with a bold and public loyalty to President Buhari.”

@alexbaze : “Magu the Magun” thought @officialEFCC is meant to be independent like @inecnigeria but it’s obvious Magu already has a political affiliation, I heard the Abacha’s Loot is for poverty eradication, but Election is around the corner & @officialAPCngr needs money @officialEFCC.”

@yinkuzjyde; ”Same Magu who wore shirt with “IStandWithBuhari” inscription this doesn’t some as a surprise. He will openly campaign for his paymaster. Institutions are being threatened in Nigeria. Acting EFCC chairman after 3 yrs despite legislators resistance.”

@Jeusthin ; ”This goes to tell you that his loyalty lies with the president and not the Nigerian people and he can never be neutral. He clearly shows he is a member of the APC and how can those not in APC have justice under him.”

@Vwede_g: ”It’s quite unfortunate. Most of the regulatory agencies in the country that ought to be independent are not. The follow the body of the president. That’s is why fighting corruption will be difficult, because the sincerity of purpose is absent.”

@akinyemitayor: ”I am beginning to think all these guys are campaning for PMB because the IG also made some remarks last week that Nigerian should re-elect PMB…Nigerians needs to rise up against this nonsense.Just imagine CIA or FBI boss campaigning for Trump re-election!!…wake up my people.”

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