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Huddah Monroe says she falls in love with a man’s money and sex

Controversial Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe is one to never shy away from speaking with her fans on her private bedroom matters.

In a Snapchat post she shared earlier today, the petite beauty stated the only things that draw her to a man are his money and bedroom skills.

Huddah even went on to say that other qualities such as the man’s personality, finesse and handsomeness are not of priority; these ones come after her love for money and the ability of the man to satisfy her on bed.

She wrote:

Just came to the realization that when you fall Inlove it’s either coz of the SEX or the MONEY… the rest like personality, behavior etc comes after ….. I know what I fall for and I’m just flabbergasted by what makes me fall Inlove … BAD GAL!

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