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Husband and wife reportedly dies after eating ‘poisoned’ wedding food

A couple identified as Mr and Mrs Emeka Joseph Ozoekweh, reportedly died after eating a poisoned food that also got their housemaid hospitalized.

The couple reportedly died after eating a poisoned food at a wedding in Umuozu, Uratta, Abia State, and sources revealed that the housemaid is current receiving medical attention in a hospital in Abia.

Emeka Joseph Ozoekweh aka Emmyjoe and his wife who chaired the wedding they attended was said to be the Secretary of the Timber Dealers Association in Abia State, and he reportedly died after alongside his wife after eating from a takeaway pack they were given.

The death of the couple was uncovered after neighbours in the market, complained that they have been calling them while their phones rang without any response.

Upon climbing into their compound with ladders, their bodies were discovered and the maid was quickly rushed to the hospital.

Though the body of the couple have been deposited in the mortuary, however an autopsy is currently being conducted to know if they died from the alleged poisoned food.

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