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Impunity has caused Kaduna State its problems – PDP governorship aspirant

Kaduna State People’s Democratic Party, PDP, gubernatorial aspirant, Dr. Mohammed Sani Bello, has observed with concern that the state of impunity caused by the el-Rufai-led administration has resulted in the confusion the state has found itself.

He noted that for the state to be restored to its past glory, good governance has to be the watchword.

Speaking while on a visit to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, office in Kaduna, he lamented that the ingredients of good governance were completely absent since governor Nasiru El-Rufai took over the mantle of leadership of the state.

“Rule of law, transparency, accountability and representativeness have since been forgotten in the affairs of governance since the APC took over the mantle of leadership in Kaduna State in May 29th, 2015,” he lamented.

Dr. Mohammed Sani Bello stressed, “The present government in the state has not meet the expectations of the people, the government has not enshrined good governance in the state.

“The state has not operated under rule of law, for example, the sacking of over 20,000 primary school teachers in spite of teachers going to court. This has made civil servants in the state to live in fear hence cannot put in their best because the sacking of civil servants that has become the order of the day in the state.

“Representativeness that means all should be carried along and be represented is not found in the APC-led administration in Kaduna State. The traditional institution and some local government areas are not represented in the State Executive Council.

“In the award of contracts, due process is not adhere to but contracts are given to friends and relatives without any regard to transparency.

“There is no accountability in the state of how resources are spent, citizens don’t know how much the state generates, how much is the federal government allocation to the state, among other things are not public domain.”

On the $350million World Bank loan, he explained, “From 1975 to 2015, the state is indebted to about $278million which is not up to what El-Rufai’s administration wants to take. The state government has not been able to justify what it intends to do with the loan.”

The aspirant noted that security is the biggest problem bedevilling the state. “People of goodwill within and outside the state have advised the government but the governor is not ready to adhere to people’s advice,” he alleged.

He expressed dismay that all that the APC accused the PDP government prior to the 2015 general elections are more glaring than before, adding that hunger, kidnapping, insecurity, cattle rustlers, hate speeches, among other things have become the order of the day in Kaduna State.

Mohammed Sani Bello assured, “If elected as the governor of Kaduna State, l will ensure good governance, ensure the safety of lives and property of the state.”

“My desire to have an opportunity to serve the good people of Kaduna State and to serve them well.

“I want to be part of those once they have an opportunity, they will leave good legacies to which they will be remembered for.

“I draw inspiration from what our forefathers did like the Sarduna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, he did so many things. There is no day that the sun will rise and set without some people raising their hands praying and praising him for what he has done. So that is the kind of ideas and aspiration that l have.

“Honestly speaking, the citizens of the state are not happy, the assessment of the current government in the state is decimal. It is not an administration that has been able to communicate effectively well with the people, so therefore, there is completely disconnection between what the government is doing and the citizens of the state.

“As someone that has had opportunity to serve the state as a Commissioner of Science and Technology, l have been able to demonstrate an understanding and ability to do certain things that will move the state forward.”

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