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It’s risky to undergo plastic surgery for people’s attention – Stephanie Coker

Media personality, Stephanie Coker has spoken of the risks involved when one undergoes plastic surgery for the sole purpose of getting other people’s attention.

Her unpopular opinion comes at a time when so many Female celebs jump on the act and surgically improve their bodies just for the social media clout and fame.

Sharing a bikini photo of herself, Stephanie Coker wrote:

“Although this was captured perfectly by renowned photographer @kelechiamadiobi This image Is not flawless and it has nothing to do with lighting, angles or the environment. It is because the subject herself is imperfect.

I always wanted to keep this image in my closet room for my eyes only. Until last week when a friend said she was going to get a BBL.

Now I am not opposed to one altering their looks, it is not my place to judge, however, I do find following such life threatening trends to grab the attention of others a bit risky. Especially when most men on this side of the world are walking around looking like Humpty Dumpty. There have been a handful of cases that I personally know of women who have lost their lives to plastic surgery.

I say all this to say, if you are going to get plastic surgery, please do it for yourself at least, and research the risks to your health and weigh up your options”

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