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Kids with life-threatening conditions cry for help from Nigerians

Help Mubarak walk and talk

Mubarak Akorede was born on the 15th May, 2015 at the General Hospital, Ifako – Ijaye.

The mother was admitted on the 13th May 2015, induced on the 14th May, due to prolonged labor gave birth on the 15th late at night, after the baby had been stressed up -Birth Asphyxia . Unfortunately, the Doctor didn’t inform the parents there was danger ahead, but he was admitted for twelve days. Fortunately, his neck stands, he sits after six months, but he neither crawl nor stand independently till he was almost a year.

He was taken for checkup where the Doctor said his parents were supposed to have started therapy for him after six months from delivery.

They were referred from Ifako Ijaye General Hospital to Lasuth, from Lasuth to Child and Adolescent Mental health Centre Oshodi. Test result revealed would need speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy, because he neither been walking nor talking.

He has been registered for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy treatment. Unfortunately, the EEG shows he has brain damaged and seizure. So he is placed on drugs such as Mentat Epilim , Omega H3 , DHA Emulsion, Neurovit and Spradon.

The parents have spent and are still spending so much to continue his therapies and drugs recommended but they need financial support.

He needs private therapies of which amount requested monthly is N50, 000 for each of the three therapies for a minimum of six months totaling N 150, 000 for six months totaling N 900,000.

Drugs recommended for him will cost about N20, 000 monthly and for six months which will amount to N 120,000. The normal therapy is every week and it costs N 6,500 Monthly Transportation of N5, 000 weekly totalled N 20,000.


Help Oyindamola

Similarly, Idowu Oyindamola needs the assistance of charitable Nigerians. She is a 5-year-old girl, diagnosed with Dermoid (Epibular Dermoid) in her right eye from birth. She would need a surgery to have this removed from her eye. Please donate towards the operation of the surgery. Thank you.


Save Baby Ighodalo

I am Michael Iyorowe O. Please I need your help in paying for my baby hospital bills. Baby Ighodalo Michael is of a set of twins (boy and girl) given birth to by Rose Michael at 6 month as premature (neonate), at Ifako Jaiye General Hospital Lagos. After delivery, we (the parents) were informed that there was no incubator to keep the set of twins. A letter was given to us to look out for hospitals with incubator pending when there is space for the twins. After long search, we were able to get an incubator at a private hospital (Inton hospital 6 Adenelcan Salako by Catapillar bus-stop, Ogba). Their charges per week is N150,000 per child for the use of incubator. A week later, our baby girl was pronounced dead due to stress. I have not been able to pay the hospital bill and recently the doctor called to say that my baby boy has issues with breathing, explaining that he is not breathing normally. After much prayers and with the help of the doctors, he was stabilized and right now we are told that baby needs blood transfusion. We are in dire need of support to enable us carry out all requests from the doctor and clear our bills.

Please help save the life of my son, you can visit both hospitals to verify this.

Eric’s Open Heart Surgery

A 7 months-old-child is with symptomatic congenital heart disease (holes in the heart) and will have to undergo two stages of surgery in India.

He has triscupid atresia (the valve is flat), large VSD and ASD (holes in the heart) and transposition of the great arteries. Eric will require further cardiovascular evaluation and possible open heart surgery to correct his heart defect in order to forestall irreversible and life threatening complications. Your assistance is needed.


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