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Lagos State Begins Computerized Vehicle Inspection

The Lagos state government has commenced computerized vehicle inspection service to ascertain the road-worthiness of vehicles in the state.

Managing Director of Lagos State Computerized Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS), Segun Obayendo, said, “We are politically unpopular when we started official operation in March 2017. We encountered quite a lot of cynicism and skepticism as people had issues copping with the change in the price for inspection or wondered whether their vehicle will fail or pass.

The test checks the emission level of exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and others from a vehicle. If everyone chooses to be compliant, what we will have is improved air quality and other health and economic benefit.

The plan of the Lagos state government in the next three years is to build at least 57 computerized inspection centers across the state and the idea is that before any vehicle is issued the road worthiness certificate, such vehicle will have to undergo inspection.

Culled: Daily Post

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