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Marriage killers.Shine your eyes and Read!

Don’t believe every negative thing you hear concerning Marriage,it is a good thing but you have to keep your eyes open for Marriage killers……Shine your eyes and read!


· Laziness kills marriage


· Suspicion kills marriage


· Lack of trust kills marriage


· Lack of mutual respect kills marriage


· Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory)


· Arguments kills marriage


· Keeping secrets from your spouse kills marriage


· Every form of infidelity kills marriage (financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc)


· Poor communication kills marriage


. Lies easily kills marriage, be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.


· Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage


· Lack of, inadequate or enjoyable sex kills marriage.


· Nagging kills marriage


· Too much talk and careless talk kills marriage


· Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage


· Being too independent minded kills marriage


· Love for party, money and spending/partying kills marriage


· Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or siblings kills marriage


· Not being steadfast/fervent in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life


· Spurning correction and reprimand kills marriage.


· Always wearing a sad face and being moody kills marriage.


· FEMINISM ADVOCACY kills marriage.


· Uncontrolled or hot temperament kills marriage.


· Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God kills marriage.


· Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse kills marriage


· When anything threatens the position/security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage.


· Lack of the knowledge of the word of God kills marriage.


BY Tina-soft