Meet the woman who says she gets mistaken for newly royal wed, Meghan Markle

Meet the woman who says she gets mistaken for newly royal wed, Meghan Markle

Danielle Harris is a 33-year-old from the U.S. who is claiming she gets mistaken for Meghan Markle at least four times a week.

To add to the mass confusion, Danielle also got married (back in January 2017) and wore a white wedding dress.

So that’s two women who are mixed race, have freckles and dark hair, and were once a bride.

Danielle’s wedding was a little different to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s, costing $50,000 – just 0.001% of the price of the royal wedding.

According to Metro UK, she said,

‘My husband and I were in the Gucci store in Dallas and they were taking so long to wrap up my things I couldn’t understand it,’ says Danielle. ‘Until all the sales associates came out of the back to meet me. It was so funny. ‘On Friday I was standing in the grocery store line and this old lady in front of me had a magazine with Meghan on it.

She started doing a double take and said “Has anyone ever told you..” but I just finished her sentence for her. Everyone always tells me “Danielle, you need to get a job as her double”.

My husband even jokes that he’d be my manager. ‘It was four years ago when a mutual friend first said to me that I look just like Rachel Zane, Meghan’s character in Suits.

‘I didn’t watch the show then, but I couldn’t see the similarities when she showed me the picture.’

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