Men Deserve More Than Boxers And Belt For Valentine – Relationship Expert Joro


It is a common practice to exchange gifts with loved ones during valentine’s celebration but very often, girls in this part of the world, are found prevalent of presenting underwear to their boyfriends.

This usually occurring act of generosity has been condemned by Nigerian relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, on social media today as we celebrate another day of love  n the year.

Joro Olumofin advised ladies as to have a unique choice of gift in the season of Valentine, other than the prevalent presentation of underwear.

Notes from Joro’s latest post, is also the fact that such gifts appear to be ”cheap and predictable things”.

Going with the popular belief that ladies are fond of only giving men things like belts, boxers, cufflinks and perfumes as gifts, Joro made a video advising against it. According to him, there are more thoughtful things which are affordable, to surprise the male folks with.

According to the relationship blogger, any lady who buys things like boxers and singlet should not be taken seriously by any guy as she does not have a progressive mindset.

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