Nigerian govt speaks on herdsmen, farmers crisis being religious

Nigerian govt speaks on herdsmen, farmers crisis being religious

The Federal Government on Thursday rubbished insinuations that the herdsmen/farmers crisis has religious colouration.

Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed stated this during a Town Hall meeting organized by the Federal Government in Abuja.

Buttressing his claim, the Minister cited instances in Zamfara and Kebbi States, where there had been similar crisis.

The Minister noted that those involved in the crisis were all Muslims.

Mohammed said, “For those who might be tempted to view the clashes between farmers and herdsmen from the ethno-religious prism, I will cite two instances to debunk such postulation. Zamfara state is probably the epicentre of cattle rustling in Nigeria.

“Those who rustle cattle are Muslims. The owners of the cattle they rustle are Muslims. Both groups most likely belong to the same ethnic group.

“Then, there is the case of Kebbi state, where 70 percent of those who are in jail are there due to the clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

“The farmers whose crops are eaten by cows are Muslim Fulani, and the herders whose cows eat the crops are Muslim Fulani, same religion; same ethnicity.

“Yet, clashes still occur, to such a level that people land in jail. I have cited these examples so that we can be open to interrogating the real causes of the incessant clashes that have captured national and international attention and turned former neighbours to bitter enemies, so that together we can help to evolve a lasting solution to this crisis.”

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This has proved the incompetence of this guy, Sanusi, is not fit for this kind of mature position. The fact that he was rushed, promotion wise to rise to CEO of First Bank does not confer such sensitive position to an uncultured, immature as well as inexperience person like this Sanusi.

I have always been one of such people advocating for young, educated and matured minds to take such kind of sensitive and important position, but Sanusi, being my own generation has actually silenced somebody like me that some positions are better left to the hands of really matured, cultured and temperate persons. It is a shame that this guy has always been controversial in utterance and policy that is unbecoming for a national officer.

In the history of the bank’s governor from banking ordinance of 1952, to bank’s 1958 establishment, to the first governor Fenton (1958 – 1963) to Mai-Bornu (1963 – 1967), to Isong (1967 – 1975), to  Adamu Ciroma (1975 – 1977), to Ola Vincent (1977 – 1982), to Ahmed (1982 – 1993), to Ogwuma (1993 – 1999), to Oladele Sanusi (1999 – 2004), to Soludo (2004 – 2009) , there has never been a time we had a contoversial, political and loquacious central bank governor like this current educated illiterate one. I do not understand what kind of economic theory he is championing to destroy the country’s fragile country’s economy with inflation that could only be the result of such mad policy, whereby the minimum note for transaction will be 100 Naira, what a shame. He ought to be a cow trader, as he probrably weighs minting cost more than the inflationary effect.

I do hope, the President is in right frame of mind to put politics aside and remove this guy before he constitute a national disgrace. 

Olalekan J. Adeleke 


Nigerian is not moving anywhere….this is not achievement,how many times do you hear American,United kingdom change their note? F**k those idiot..