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Nigerian lady launches Thermoplastic paint brand for road construction (Photos)

A beautiful Nigerian lady launches Thermoplastic paint brand for the construction of roads.

The lady who is identified as Chioma Okpalugo has proved true the saying that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better.’

The young entrepreneur who has been in the road construction/ engineering business for over 10 years announced the goodnews about her company, Tektron Engineering finally launching their own thermoplastic road paint after almost two years of working on it.

She shared photos of the product on social media and wrote:

I cannot even keep still! Finally producing my own thermoplastic road paint for road construction, took me almost 2 years to get the chemical combination right, testing for years! We have finally rolled out production for the Nigerian market, still can’t believe I did it! Still remember when it was all a dream.

More photos below:

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i don’t believe in these kinda craps, when will Nigerians learn to hide itself ..must everything bad about our country go on net.

Any one dat proves to know more than what is been laid down in d Bible wil face d wrought of GOD very soon,,,,,, pls dis is not a pastor sent by GOD,,,, he;s sent by satan to deceive innocent pp. for a pastor to behold another man’s wife nakedness is a sin without forgiveness,,,, look mr. man d judgement of GOD is comin unpon u very soon ok

No matter how you look at it, this is BAD!! Very, very BAD. God did not command this. Even the Prophet Elisha did not follow Naaman to the river – 2nd King 5: 9-15. It is the end time and we are told that many false prophets will arise – Matthew 24: 3-14, 2nd Peter, 2: 2-3. My dear friends be on guard. Watch and pray.

Wonders they say , never end.  Whao ! at this period of this 21`st century. This pastor must arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

I think it is perfectly OK” since the lady has accepeted to get naked for Anointing Oil Bath. Paster is helping her to get heal, and it is her faith in the process and with pastor, who is bathing her. There is no reason for others to worry and relate this to sex or abuse stories.Why people go to doctor and get naked when he wants to treat them. Pastor is religious, spiritual doctor, and there is nothing wrong if lady has got naked and gone there by her own will for bath, Further , I will also say,,people who make this picture secretely and send around are guilty,, and not the Pastor. He is treating her rightly with anointing oil bath. 

dose any one know if her husband is a where?
do u guys know,if her husband, who reported to the pastor and they both agryed on this founy pratise
we should take a clooser look from the insaid, on how did it all started, and not the picture of that u see now
maybe, she was a vitim of it all. like there is a vision from the church menber or from the pastor that she must go through deliverance,and that she must been barth with a strong man of God,
that, all what ever her problem are will be gone,maybe, at that particular time she was full with problem here and there,then she could,t sey no, she have to
it could be true that the pastor want to take advantege of her,  and  the best way is to bring here through this process by making her to belived on one story,  that God seys or God that……..

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