Nigerians react as Buhari compares current economy with Goodluck Jonathan’s

Nigerians react as Buhari compares current economy with Goodluck Jonathan’s

President Muhammadu Buhari has stirred controversies online over his statement comparing the current state of the economy in his administration to former president Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Buhari had on Monday night in Jigawa stated that the current state of the economy was better, compared with what was on ground under the Goodluck Jonathan-led government.

He was quoted as saying that “The future is bright for Nigeria, as the economy has taken a turn for the better, our foreign reserves are almost twice the level we met, boosting investors’ confidence and stabilising the Naira, and inflation has declined consecutively for more than a year.

“The Federal government released over N1 trillion for capital projects in 2016 and N1.5 trillion in 2017, figures that are unprecedented in Nigeria’s history,” the President said.

However, his statement did not go down well with some Nigerians who countered the president, saying the economy has not changed but has rather become worse.

Some have opined that the cost of living has not improved even as Naira has remained unstable.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST on Twitter…

@Goodlukgoody “Naira stabled, how much did you meet it?….failure squad! Only a chronically blind supporter will tell you that the price of commodities are better today compared to what this epic failure made it now….failure squad!

@Lanrex_real, “All these things you’ve said are good and sounds good, however the current state of living of an average Nigerian hasn’t improved one bit. Remind me again why all these figures matter please if I can’t feel it in my pocket.”

@mbachinemelum “You won an election in 2015 by exposing the failures and ineptitude of GEJ’s administration. You want to be re-elected after 4 years in power by referencing the failures and ineptitude of GEJ’s administration. What have you achieved in 4 years?

@Abicraft “Naira stable at N363 to 1USD N492 to 1GBP N425 to 1EUR This is not stability, This is skyrocketing. Take a bow and do the needful by resigning.”

@Cecechindah “Excuse me sir, inflation is still high and exchange rates have not moved. We are only hearing but not seeing the improvement. actions speak louder. Please use your actions, we are tired of hearing.”

@Chrismiles78 “This is applaudable but more needs to be done in the area of security of lives, the very people the govt is doing all this for. Foreign borrowing for rail & other development projects with our already elevated foreign and domestic debt gives reason for pause.”

@hydroking “Your predecessor had Oil at $140 per barrel and drained our foreign reserves from $62 billion to $26 billion. Your Excellency, you entered office with the oil price at $40 per barrel and grew the reserves from $26 billion to almost $50 billion. May God continue to bless you.”

@Sirmo1 “These are paper talk Mr President. Provide Jobs. Free health care. Good roads. Stable power. Security. Food at affordable price. Thats what we want, not doubling foreign reserve, doesn’t help the common Nigerian.”

@sweetshantel “Our foreign reserves are approaching twice what we inherited. Buhari Also the Naira to is now twice what you inherited.. 2014 $1=180 2018 $1=365..For your information the Naira is not stable.”

@Osy4lov “Naira stable at N360? What happened to your promise of $1 equal to N1?… Just go away.”

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