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Nigerians react to Buhari’s controversial comment on Abacha

President Muhammadu Buhari has stirred up reactions from Nigerians on social media following his statement on General Sani Abacha .

Buhari had on Tuesday praised the late Head of State, saying that contrary to the opinion of Nigerians, he agreed to work with Abacha.

Speaking at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, he said Abacha constructed roads, and re-positioned education and health sector.

Buhari was quoted as saying, ‘I don’t care about the opinion you have about Abacha, but I agreed to work with him and we constructed roads from Abuja to Port Harcourt, Benin to Onitsha and so on. We also touched education and health institutions.”

With the aforementioned, Buhari stirred diverse reactions from Nigerians with some criticising him for supporting Abacha.

They wondered how Abacha who looted from Nigeria’s treasury could receive such commendation from Buhari who claims to be fighting corruption.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST…

@Lopex_Iyke “So according to your president buhari, Abacha is better than Obasanjo. Abacha that everyone in NIGERIA celebrated his death due to his high handedness, incessant killings and tyrannical system of leadership. Well, I am not surprised because like begets like.”

@Obaro23 “I can bet Buhari’s PTF aided and served as a conduit for Abacha in stealing and laundering billions of dollars.”

@Benbeky “Mr integrity indeed.. Nigeria self acclaimed Mr integrity is justifying late Dictator Sani Abacha corrupt Government.”

@Slabariee “The same Abacha that killed lots and lots of people for going against his dictatorship, kept Abiola, obasanjo and all our leaders in prison, sent lots their early graves, lots went on exile for years. @AsiwajuTinubu why are you so quiet? This is not what you are known for sir.”

@Motivexray “In the last two decades,successive Nigerian governments have at one point or the other pre-occupied themselves with repartriating Abacha’s unprecedented loots from Europe and America but to Buhari, Abacha is a hero.A sectional leader who is senile & incompetent is a terror!

@Missbusola “Abacha’s regime was terrible according to our parents , but still somethings worked then that aren’t even working now. I agree with Buhari.”

@Adelekqasim “You claim to despise corruption, but Abacha deserves some accolades simply because he constructed roads and built hospitals.”

@Cryptohuman “Kindly name the project that was worth subjecting over 90% of the populace to poverty. Abacha’s regime is the worst ever closely followed by the current admin of Buhari.”

@Habibmusa “Shameful that after 20 years, and weeks after he himself talked about Abacha loot that is still being repatriated, Buhari still finds time to praise same Abacha. This man’s dissonance is legendary. Will be studied for [email protected] Go Home,Eat More,Sleep.”

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