Obasanjo is an international thief – Speed Darlington says


US based Nigerian singer Speed Darlington, has reacted to a photo of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in suit on his recent visit to Vietnam, calling the former President an international thief.

Speed Darlington mentioned that everyone is aware Obasanjo was never an executive of any organization, but still, lives large. He further stated that the only means of livelihood of the former president was just being in government and stealing from Nigeria.

He even mentioned that Obasanjo went to Vietnam to count Nigeria’s money

He wrote;

I know for sure this man obasanjo bought that suit with the money he stole from Nigeria. He was never executive of any company government was his one and only come up in life. ITT = International theif Theif. What you think he went to do in Vietnam? To go count our money.

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