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Obasanjo vs Buhari: What Nigerians said about ex-President’s alarm

Nigerians have shared diverse opinions on the allegation by former President, Olusegun Obasanjo that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government was plotting to arrest and harm him.

Obasanjo had on Friday claimed that Buhari government was planning to frame him and consequently kill him.

The former President, in a statement by his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, said the Buhari-led administration intends to use fake documents and witnesses against him.

He alleged that he has been informed that his name had been included in the government “watch-list”, and that the security of his life could no longer be guaranteed.

Reacting to the allegations, Nigerians, who took to their Twitter handle wrote: @McChimeziri: “Lol! Like @bukolasaraki like Obasanjo! So this is the new tactic. Once you sense that investigators are closing in on you, you raise alarm to whip up public sympathy, chai! Diarisgod o!”

@adeyanjudeji: “When we were raising alarm that we are in a dictatorship, many said we were playing politics. Now, Obasanjo says they also want to FRAME him up. All of us who criticize and oppose this government have been marked.”

@john_danfulani: “Dr. Obasanjo(a.k.a Papa Iyabo) alleged that Baba Mai cow of Daura(@MBuhari )is manufacturing mischievous charges against him to enable him jail him.LESSON:Mischievous masquerade always eat its owner.”

@damola_ade77: “But seriously, PMB doesn’t need to cook up any false charges against him, there are many real ones. Halliburton Scam, Power Project, Obasanjo Library, Bells University while in office, Bribing of @nassnigeria, Odi killing, Ati be be lo….”

@sb2729: “When God wants to punish someone, he starts behaving like Obasanjo to PMB.
This thing is like Jazz, a curse, PMB respects OBJ as a senior in NA, former president too but OBJ wants disgrace, irredeemable disgrace.God of Nigeria at work.”

@dmightyangel: “Saraki is raising alarm, Fayose is raising alarm, Obasanjo is raising alarm
Yet Buhari will not even utter a word…..Why are you all scared of the consequence of your past actions?”

@Folagbade_togun: “You are supporting Buhari, you are against Obasanjo… You are supporting Obasanjo, you are against Buhari… You are still doing same thing.”

@Ehix07: “ABIOLA was honoured 6-6-2018, OBASANJO raises alarm 8-6-2018, Do the mathematics using diversion method. The Mango fruit is never far from its tree.”

@Omojuwa: “Unpopular opinion: Obasanjo, as a Yoruba man, honouring MKO Abiola with GCFR and in particular declaring June 12 Democracy Day would have been extremely controversial. The most technical word in this opinion is “Yoruba.” Context and nuance are critical.”

@gimbakakanda: “Saraki’s involvement in armed robbery began as an allegation he shared as Obasanjo did about alleged attempt to detain him. Yet what was seen as paranoia by the Senate President was brought against him. Either these guys have more access to info or this government is predictable. “

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