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See The Outfit These Girls Wore To Their Matriculation

The University of Port Harcourt held its matriculation ceremony for its 100 level students last week, and some girls wore this outfit to the event. here are some ‘lovely’ photos from the ceremony.

see  comments from facebook;

Tunde Wole and you think these girls are going to sch to learn? they are going for fun and enjoyment but some slay queen like them wont see anything wrong with their outfit just like their mom dont see anything wrong. I can boldly say these girls runs their way to get admissions cus am sure nothing will be on that big skull. Chastity begins at home they say

Abdullahi Isa Nigeria has forgotten tribalism and come together to insult these girls just because of their clothes but if these girls actually end up to be serious students and graduate with 1st class certificates, thats when they will remember their tribes and start arguing about how igbo/ Yoruba/ Hausa people are the smartest people. Nigeria i hail thee, thy hypocrisy is great.

Xty Nkem Nkechi And someone was busy saying
” if you want a gurl whose mentality hasn’t been corrupted, you should go for secondary school gurls”
I wonder what he’ll have to say about this.
Person wey wan spoil go spoil abeg, no matter which level he/she dey..
Just look at these ones now. Chai!!

Adams Okon Umo Well they have been encouraged by their parents in such light, this is just the result of what’s been going on in their homes, now it’s time for them to manifest.

Eddy E Odeh Wear or no wear….can’t u see they are almost due for marriage….. If not already due…. So they are doing everything possible to get a man……..and we man d level no get remote, the remote is missing……. #pls oooo no offence #onelovefromdubai

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