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What’s your Reaction if your Partner watches Porn?

It was said that “viewing sexually-explicit content while in a relationship is placed by many people in the same category as literally sleeping with other people.”

And while that’s true, it’s really ironic, especially with regards to the realities of present day Nigeria.

In December 2016, Pornhub, the site with possibly the vastest collection of xxx videos, released their annual statistics and it showed that Nigeria leads in Africa for consumption of pornography on mobile.

Of course, with such crazy numbers, the demography of participants in this behaviour can’t be limited to just single people.

Single people, those in relationships, and even the married ones engage in the act.
Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika shares her opinion on the issue recently, expressing her opinion on Snapchat that:

“I think one of the exciting secrets to a spice up relationships is watching porn with yo nigga… I always watch porn with bae,” she says.

Watching porn, either individually or together as a couple has its advantages and downsides, depending on which one you choose to magnify and roll with in your relationship.

Having said that, we’d love to know which side you’re on.
How do you, or how would you react if your partner watches porn?