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Pastor Adeboye shades those that take his advice south

So the RCCG, General Oversea, Pastor E.A Adeboye  make this meme about people taking his advice the wrong way, but some says pastor adeboye  meme is directly for Daddy Freez of cool FM. you need to see Nigerians mixed reaction below.

See more Reaction below…………………………..

Miss Ess said…
Baba have spoken. God bless you sir

chi-ji-okeh said…
Buhahahaha. Was he talking to you? Ride on daddy, we’re behind you

Etsako Pearl said…
It’s well.

DON™ said…
Is this a comedy or for real ?.. Lol

Gifted Hands………. said…
My love for this man is like a copied assignment

I cannot explain it

Ibukunoluwa said…
Was this meme actually needed?
Was it even supposedsupposed to be a profile pic?
Is he not a GO again?
Is this how God wants his disciples to behave?

Things like this makes me smh

God I know You,I know how I’m serving You…thank You for being my God

Spanish Lantern said…
Hahahaha….. This shade is definitely for ‘Papa’ Freezer.

Uniq Gem said…
Loosen up in this babes. I don’t think it’s that serious.

It’s kinda comic you know 😀😀

Anonymous said…
Oh keep quiet Ibukun.
There are things God tells us Christians, which the world does not understand, simply because it makes no sense to them.
That’s why we are different, because we have the Spirit of God. The world does not, so they don’t “get” us.

P.s: you do not serve God by fornicating, you know.

heRealPrincessK,A.K.A KIDJO , BBN winner Efe’s wife. said…
So man of God can not play again 😅😅😅. You think say na only you sabi play😆😆😆😆.Baba is just being playful.

Elixir said…
Everybody must not agree with you, be they your children or not. Our problem is that we worship man instead of God. Anything a man of God says, we are expected to accept it because we don’t have a mind of our own.

White Diamond said…

He’s probably not the one running the account.