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Pastor arrested in Calabar for allegedly killing 18 months old Baby for Ritual

The General Overseer of Royal God’s Commandment Ministry aka “Obot Uboho” (Mount of Deliverance) located at Okon Edak street off Atamunu, Calabar South Local Government Area, was last Friday arrested by the police for allegedly killing an 18 months old baby boy for ritual.

The pastor, a father of four had contracted a young man in the neighbourhood to supply him a child for a spiritual assignment for a fee.

“One of the drug addicts who patronises one of the major drug den at Atamunu was contracted by the pastor to conduct the kidnap exercise so he can be paid for his normal dose of cocaine.” reports Calabar Reporters.

According to an eyewitness, on that fateful day, Tuesday, August 22, the parents of the baby realised that their child was missing.

“Unfortunately for the kidnapper, the area vigilante uncovered his identity and was trailed and reported to the Nigerian Police who led the arrest. The kidnapper soon confessed to his crimes having been exposed to a tip of the mob’s anger and that led to the arrest of the pastor.”

The suspect took them to the church, where the pastor was seen in a blood stained dress, while the little child was already killed and his inner parts removed. The pastor was almost lynched but for the prompt intervention of the Police. The church was ransacked and its altar desecrated.

Items found in the altar include ladies and men underwear, wooden dolls of men and women tied together with their photographs, photos of persons being padlocked, dresses and shoes supposedly belonging to victims.

Most shockingly was the discovery of a fresh heart still dripping off blood in a vast. An anonymous eye witness accounts said:

“This church, they will drink beer inside the church with all manner of circular music, we knew that this man wasn’t clean but we didn’t have evidence yet to expose him”

The culprits have been remanded in the newly commissioned Uwanse Police Station.

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