Read: 5 Possible Signs of Cervical Cancer

cervical cancer

Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of a woman’s cervix (the lower part of the uterus that is connected to the vagina). Women stand a risk of having cervical cancer as soon as they become sexually active putting women across different age at risk.

cervical cancer
Being overweight, multiple sex partners, poor immunity, getting pregnant at a very early age, contraceptives and more are risks associated with cervical cancer. Cervical cancer usually doesn’t show any sign at the initial stage leaving people at a risk of not knowing they have it until it’s almost too late to be cured.
Cervical cancer can be treated when caught at an early stage but these are usually warning signs it presents:

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1. Pain during intercourse

A common warning of cervical cancer is pain during sex which usually indicates the cancer has spread across the reproductive organs as well as tissues and needs to be checked (the cervix should be examined) as soon as possible.

2. Pain/discomfort when passing out urine

Discomfort during urinating is one of the major signs of cervical cancer. Discomfort like stinging, burning etc sensation when taking a pee maybe an indication for STDs in some cases but it should be checked as this could also be a sign of cervical cancer which requires expert attention and fast!

3. Bleeding/Heavy Menses

Prolonged, heavy and continuous bleeding during the monthly cycle is also a sign to watch out for. (If you change sanitary towels more than once within an hour or two make sure to get checked by an expert).

4. Vaginal Discharge

Sometimes vaginal discharge isn’t a cause for alarm but when it becomes unusual, watery, pale or brownish (mixed with blood in some cases), it’s best to see the doctor ASAP.

5. Bleeding

Abnormal bleeding is also another indicator of cervical cancer. Bleeding after sex, in between the monthly cycle and unusually regularly should be checked out with a physician.

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