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Romantic Ideas To Make Him Come Home -ALL THE TIME!

The Post is from a virtuous woman who is tired of negative reports concerning marriages, must read to all cos is gonna blow you away!

If you’re hubby is very good to you, and does extremely nice things for you Or even otherwise , In return, and out of respect, you should to do nice things for him too and also stop fighting him back and calling him names!
Have you ever heard someone say,

“Be the wife your husband can’t wait to come home to at night”?

No? Yes? I’ve heard it a million times, and I always try to keep advice in my head. As I would hope my husband would think the visa versa. Right?

So I began to think,

What are some things that he would love, to really make him feel special, different from the regular “favorite dish/drinks bla bla?

………And this post was born.

No people, I’m not saying rewind 60 years and be a Stepford Wife. I’m just saying what I like to do for my husband to show my appreciation, and I would very well expect respect in return. Right?

This is something that works well in my marriage, and I hope it can give someone else great ideas too! If not, I’d LOVE to hear what works in your marriage. Every marriage is different
It may be a husband who is in the military, and is coming home after a year stay overseas, a husband that has only been gone for 3 days, or a husband that is coming home after a long day at work.

(P.S. You gals that have husbands gone for a super long time, I COMPLETELY adore your strength.)

Here’s my two cents though
No matter what happens before he left home, while he’s away “I send him sweet messages”

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