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Security operatives raise alarm over plans by Borno govt to demolish 26 hotels

Security operatives deployed to fight Boko Haram insurgents in Borno state, Northeast Nigeria have raised concern over plans by the Borno state government to demolish 26 hotels around Galadima road and other areas in the State.

The Operatives told DAILY POST that fighting spirit needs beer, women or both and only such hotels can provide a clinic capable of cooling off tension particularly after returning from the battle field.

The Borno state government yesterday, issued a 3-day notice to demolish some of the hotels following complaints by residents that they were promoting vises contrary toreligious teachings.

The government has constituted a high powered committee chaired by the State Anthony General and Commissioner for Justice, Hon. Kaka Shehu Lawan, as well as the Commissioner for Land and Survey, Hon. Sugum Mai Mele for the demolition exercise.

DAILY POST reports that the notice which is expected to elapse on June 2, 2018 when the demolition exercise is expected to begin might meet stiff resistance from both the easy virtue women and their men with riffles as some of them were said to have waved the notice with the back of their hands, saying it is an impossible task to execute.’

The properties marked for demolition according government include: New Travel Hotel, Gongola Hotel, Paragon Hotel, Chinners Hotel, Pampas Hotel, Favour Hotel, Blue Sport Hotel, Sea Never Dry Hotel, Fall View Hotel, Okonna Hotel, East Guest Hotel, Peace Hotel, Chicago Hotel, Charbos Hotel, Benue Hotel, New Traveller 2 Hotel, Moonlight Hotel, Chobados Hotel, Chinners 2 Hotel, Wazobia Hotel, Barka da Zuwa Hotel, Barla daZuwa 2 Hotel, Loyal City Hotel, Make We Flex Hotel, Favour Land Hotel, and Maintenance Hotel.

Reacting to the ultimatum given, some of the rank and file operatives, who are pron to visiting such hotels told DAILY POST in Maiduguri that, their worries now is not about the demolition exercise government is planning to carry out on these hotels, but the aftermath of such demolition as it is going to increase the spread of activities they are trying to runaway from.

A soldier, who did not want his name in print told DAILY POST that, he is not worry about the demolition.

” I am not worry at all, because this cannot stop me from drinking or womanising. I can get a woman anywhere I want and for drinking, it is not a problem at all. But on a more serious note, the government is making a blunder. It is better to allow these hotels to operate in a controlled environment than this action they are planning to take which would further spread the vises as well as criminality in the state.

“At least, their children do not know what is happening in those corners but by the time it begins to spread as a result of this demolition, they would know that they have made mistakes. These hotels help to cool off guys when tension is high. We are human beings. Some of us have been here for too long and need everything the hotel can give – Beer, women and what have you. Whenever you go out to the war front and come back, you need to cool off because your head is charged,” he said.

Asked whether most of the patronizers are soldiers, he said, every security personal and NGOs operating in Borno have their meeting point in either of these hotels to cool off.

“For us soldiers, it is because we are always in uniform that is why people are pointing at soldiers all the time, but all other security outfits are here also. We are here and part of our lives is this- patronising hotels like these after a hard day job. It makes one calm and prepares you for the next day operation. This is soldier’s life, ” he explained.

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