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6 Smart Hacks for Shopping Like a Local To Get The Best Bargain

There are so many markets, bazaars and expansive malls for anyone who loves to shop at your destination. So, whether you’re looking to buy souvenirs or groceries, you can easily walk into any of the aforementioned places to make your purchases. This said, there are circumstances whereby you visit a market or departmental store and the attendant is quoting a completely different price for you because he/she has observed that you are a new in the town. You will definitely be unaware of this. Whatever, the case may be, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares tips on how to shop like a local to get the best bargain.


Shop with a local

The ultimate way to go when you find yourself in a new city or town is to shop with a local. Hence, rather than bargaining yourself, he/she will do the bargain on your behalf and get the best possible price for you.