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Angry Side Chick Reports Cheating Boyfriend To His Wife!

Most men are big time cheat and this makes their side chicks disrespect their wives. They give ’em the nerves. Imagine this! U’ve got a lovely wife who respects u,doesn’t nag,thinks days n night on how to move the family upward,care for the kids,cooks ur food n all that only for u to pay her back with some lil girls that lack home training. I still don’t get why men cheat on their wives they claim they love even with the PDA(s) on their media. I know of one who has his wife as his wall paper on all his phones N gadgets,calls her at 20mins interval bt still cheats on his wife with girls that are below his wife’s standard. He gives d side chicks attention even more than his wife n this same lady who was once a beauty queen n still is can vouch for hubby.