5 Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected

The process for applying for a visa is very exhausting and rigorous. Hence, it will leave a sour taste in the mouth after serious planning, submitting and been interviewed for a visa, you end up being denied. As such, if you are about to make your visa application, then you should look out for these signs shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, to further prepare you against a  visa rejection.

You cannot clearly explain the source (s) of your funds

The majority of embassies will assume that applicants are seeking permanent entry into their country until you prove them otherwise. And one way to prove them otherwise is to present evidence that you have strong economic reasons to return to your country following your stay. What other way to do this than your bank statement? Hence, ensure that your cash inflow and outflow are credible. They do not want to give visas to criminals.

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