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Stay away from any man who can’t make you cum – Actress Shyngle

Actress Shyngle

Hours ago, we posted the news of an Ibadan Based Model who told ladies “If he doesn’t satisfy you in bed, he’s cheating on you”.

Away from that, a controversial Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle has advised her fellow ladies to stay away from a man who can’t make then cum.

The curvy dark-skinned actress decided to wade into the issue of sexual prowess which has been very topical currently with more women finding options because their partners are not good in bed.

Princess Shyngle indicated that it will be a waste of time for ladies to worry themselves in a relationship in which they are not getting sexual climax.

She posted: “Never stay in a relationship with someone who can’t make you cum”.

Is it just me or do these ladies wanna go independent ? LOL


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