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Sugar Mummy allegations: Twitter users slam Miracle

It certainly isn’t a good week for Big Brother Naija 2018 winner, Miracle Ikechukwu as the pilot appears to be losing his followers following a recent controversy trailing him.

The pilot has been accused of using and dumping his romance partner, Nina and also being cocky probably as a result of the present size of his bank account.

Some of his publicists and financiers on social media have voiced out that he failed to reach out to them on the conclusion of the reality show where he emerged winner.

There’ve also been claims that he is having an affair with one ‘sugar mummy’ identified as Juliet whom he has referred to as a ‘family friend’ while his elder brother, Captain Igbokwe in a conflicting statement said Juliet is Miracle’s ‘aunt’.

These and other issues of loyalty have culminated in a tirade on social media by someenraged followers of the BBNaija show.

See some reactions below:

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A these $h!t should happen to people who cheats… after all, the Bible did say… “thou shall not commit adultery”… serve them right… 😛 #Revenge

Black magic……yeah rite!!!!! No one knows what was going on in the married couple home!!!! Maybe she was in an unhappy marital relationship, the husband didn’t have time for her, maybe just maybe!!!!! He got money but I am sure another woman waiting in the wings to get with him and get some of that money!!!! Which one of you commenting know him enough to say he is the better person????? Which one of you know what she may have been through???????? Not all the time a woman cheat or is unfaithful she is bad!!!!!

This is funny as he’ll! The whole town is watching and they had to call a priest to separate them. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now out of respect for the African culture and those who prescribe to witch doctors, I respect that. To the husband who suspected that his wife was cheating, he did the right thing and got “evidence.” As well as a country full of witnesses. Ahaaaaaasaaaaaaa! Now to the wife, I don’t know why she did it so I won’t comment on her reasons and to the husband, god bless for holding your peace. Now! To dude that got stuck, you are the maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan son! You stuck around! You stuck to the task. You stuck by her side. You stuck to her like glue. Way to keep it in and keep it stuck in. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t no more! This is too funny!!!!!! “My hero” “Mr. Cling”

he could of just leave her ass and let go and let God deal with it the bible say “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” but no he still did wrong and use BLACK magic i don’t see were you don’t feel he is wrong all of them wrong “NO SIN IS GRATER THAN THE NEXT” so for those who want to sit up n judge her take a look at your self because u are no better!.

How funny everyone so quick to judge and convict. Yes she was wrong for cheating but to broadcast it cross the village is punishment enough she will be shun and reticule by everyone. Like no one here has cheated.. I’m single so i don’t have that issue

The breakdown. So this man suspecting his wife of cheating gets someone who knows black magic, They get stuck (tight trap is the best trap btw.) An entire village with nothing better to do find out and swarm the room. She never even tries to spread her legs so he can get out. Then the husband basically becomes an extortionist and a pimp by making the guy pay money for services rendered. Sounds like the cheating couple weren’t the only ones in the wrong here.

Yup, I agree with hazel eyes. If you feel you need to cheat on that person, then you don’t need to be with them. Just leave. There’s no excuse for cheating, even if the other person cheated first. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

lolol hahahah that’s good for her ass cause if she did want to have sex that bad she could of call her husband

What a embrassment for all parties.They both were wrong.Do not covet another man’s wife.But the fact that the husband had to put a curse on them is very disturbing as well.I feel sorry for the husband but did he had to dwell in black magic for revenge.Don’t do evil for evil

THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND BULLCRAP!!!! BLACK MAGIC MY @$$!!! Its All a publicity Stunt!! John Doe ur right! Im with u….Africans are trending with the world with scams and BS!!!

This is nonsense. Nemeses! what soever seed a man sows that also and even more shall he rip.

The husband should have put her away quietly. this wil not even separate the two lovers. i bet u the husband may find it dificult to get another wife. he suceeded in rubishing himself in the long run. he achieved nothing.

BETRAYAL OF TRUST. no matter how if they will eat 4rm the garbage, prepare the royal table for their likes, they will eat like pigs. may God bless us with virtuous woman.     

hmmmm so great, how i wish evil will continue to be expose this way. that woman is a disgrace to womanhood , shame unto her,,,,,,

luks more like its acted to fetch congregation for d pastor.poverty can cause anytin bt still dey should hav let d idiot hang there for choosing anoda mans wife to satisfy his libido

All the pastor did was pray and the curse was undone. And people say God dont exist…smh


 The husband of the victim went far mile by consulting native doctor..
though he really enhance his goals but he sin against God… He should have allow God to judge

 The husband to the victim went far mile by consulting native doctor.. though he really enhance his goals but he sin against God… let this be a lesson to others

wonder shall neva sieze to end inthis life well for me i wount blame the man cos he was realy in need of the thing abd the woman that claims she is married gave inn to him so he dont have any choice than to enter her well that woman needs to be sent back to her fathers house

The fact that we humans must know is that,God is still reining and so the kingdom of black powers is also doing its part.even the prophets of today are been tested and sometimes it works,how much more you ordinary man with no powers and this will never stop until the women start to say the truth and also men know a woman who is with a man even if he has not paid her bride price he owns her in some way that she has no right to cheat on the man…Women get this comment clear and i say so,not until the men pay your bride price b4 u bcum their wifes and that does not give u the chance to cheat on them….

hey..people of the world…dont cheat on your partner….Agbere no bi good thing ooo

both are guilty, the man,the woman and the woman´s husband. applying that magic might leads to death,however iam not encouraging the act,either ways. please turn to GOD

hmmmmm……. wonders shall never end, when shall we let go of AFRICAN MAGIC!!!!!!!, sha good in some sence oooo

Dats the kind of world we live in now. It has degenerated to the level that marriage has no moral meaning anymore.Married women now compete with those frivolous young girls that litter our streets in this exercise of sexual exhibition. Who can be trusted nowadays? Readers just be factual to yourself.How many can boast of preservation of santity of matrimony…..Igboro ti daru o..Lets thank God we have not fallen into such juju trap.

dis is total disgrace,how which dis kind of disgrace will continue in everywhere like dis,i dont think there will be cheating or i dont think a married woman or man will leave his wife or her husband to sleep with another woman’s husband or wife.

for the woman, its a very shameful act, a disgrace to marriage life, why marry in the first place. If she doesnt know, AIDS is real. I feel for the husband but only God can av mercy

He’s sooo not tucked, they got caught andasked to remain in
that same position… The police are there to bear witness, pastor
prayed for them for God to forgive them thier sin.
To Kwekwe Kwe – the upload, change the titile because its not true.

So what has the husband achieved with this. Africans are backward thinking set of people.

You are bloody fool you know. Wait until a wife cheats on you even the Bible suggest death for a man that sleeps with another man’s wife. Africans are NEVER BACKWARD, MAYBE YOU ARE BACKWARD, DEAL WITH IT AND STOP SPITTING OUT FOOLISH WORDS.

Your a bloody idiot!! one day your going to go home with your friends if you have any and find your wife having sex with another man possibly in your bed with your friends watching, we will see how you feel… your thinking is backwards

Let me be sincere with you,I think you have a serious problem with your thinking faculty because any right thinking person will not think the way you think.I recommend a pschatrist test for you.

Who re you to say that???? He found his wife cheating and actions needs to be taken….how dare you call set of people backward? I believe you wife is probally banging a guy out there that’s if u even have a wife….smh

The husband has achieved a large some of money – if you weren’t so dyslexic you’d probably have read it

I so agree with you John Doe! No wonder the rest of the world see Blacks as backward savages! What idiots to even attempt this witch doctor nonsense int he first case and even dumber that stupid black people will believe this actually happened. Ashamed that these are the descendents of the once great civilizations of Africa

u are such an illitrate and born -fool…only backward people make racist comments it this era…you will still remain a fool forever, ur parents were fools for giving birth to you and u and ur foolish parents will die foolish…fish brain! words cnt express ur dumbness

not saying the vid is not genuine. however, nothing proves that this is not all an act.

Read my book: Introduction to Igbo Medicine and Culture in Nigeria (2010). It is available online at You will see in Chapter 11 what Juju Medicine reflects on society’s honesty, fairness and justice system like this. Why Oracles and shrines are believed more than the state justice system in matters like keep faith and living right. You can also read the posting of Chapter 11 of this book in and respectively.

well dis is lesson to every man on this earth anytin to do with marriage woman shld be out even single lady can put u in trouble, men learn a lesson from this show

i realy realy love this,a a white british female friend never believe things like this exist in africa…i have posted dis video to her to see 4 herself

He has gotten his comeuppance. PROVERBS 6: 32 – 33 says it all…An adulterer’s shame SHALL NEVER BE wiped away…Blows & disgrace are his portion. MR SOLOMON, Palm Groove, Lagos

 what if that guy there is an herbalist and they called him pastor so that they will not lynch him. Think Mustapha. ode oshi. mtcheew.

Omo see Azonto o, double wahala for dead body after the guy straff finish him come dey even find am difficult to pull out….all the pleasure go don fly commot now. LMBAO.

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