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Suspect who intruded Rihanna’s home actually wanted to have sex with her

A 26 year old man who was arrested for allegedly breaking into pop star, Rihanna’s Los Angeles home reportedly invaded the property in a bid to have sex with the pop star. But unfortunately for him, she was in another state.

Police were called to the pop star’s house on Thursday morning 10th of May, 2018 after her assistant discovered the alarm system had been disabled.

According to a report by, cops found a male intruder had made himself at home in the dwelling, charging his cell phone and unpacking his bag, having apparently gained entry on Wednesday.

The suspect, identified as Eduardo Leon, was ordered to step outside, but he reportedly failed to directly obey officers’ instructions, and was shocked with a taser gun before he was hauled into custody.

He was also reported to have made himself comfortable in her home as he stayed all through the night and even took time to charge his mobile device.

When questioned by authorities, he is said to have claimed he was there to seduce Rihanna and sleep with her.

He was booked for residential burglary, trespassing, and stalking, as police reportedly linked Leon to another incident on 4 May (18), when he allegedly broke into another home he thought belonged to the singer.

Leon is currently being held on $150,000 bail.

Rihanna has been in New York all week, attending the Met Gala on Monday (07May18), and launching her new lingerie collection, Savage X Fenty, on Thursday.

It’s not the first time the sexy star’s homes have been targeted by intruders.

Last year (17), Salmir Feratovic was booked for criminal trespassing after being found at the Big Apple building where Rihanna has a penthouse.

She also had to obtain a restraining order against Robert Melanson in June, 2013, after he was arrested for allegedly trespassing on the roof of her Pacific Palisades pad in California, the same property where another man was busted four months earlier on suspicion of burglary.

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