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Tanzanian Producer Bob Junior Calls Out Diamond Platinumz

Tanzanian super producer cum singer, Bob Junior, credited with Diamond Platinumz’s entry into the limelight and eventually success, has gone deaf and he’s blaming it on the musician.

Among the songs in the album is Kamwambie, which won the singer 3 awards, and other songs earning him big shows that changed his life.

Bob Junior, says after the success of the album, Diamond dumped him.

He continued to ignore him even when Bob Junior desperately needed his financial assistant to treat himself. Accoridng to Bob, he used allavenues to get to Diamond but he was ignored.

He however says, he is not happy he had to make the call out public but he has been trying to reach him for years with no response from him. To make matters worse, Bob claims he produced the album for Diamond for Free !

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